Where Five Friends Sit Around The Table...

Adventures in Erylia started when Damian, the DM, told his wife Caitlin, that he wanted to start up his own D&D game. After having been a player in other games, Damian was inspired to start creating his own world and start telling a story in it. This world is what became Erylia.
Through a shared interest in Critical Role, Caitlin brought in her co-worker, Christa. The two of them were joined by another co-worker, Chantalle, who was interested in the opportunity to hang out and play games. None of them had ever played Dungeons and Dragons or another tabletop RPG before.
Rounding out our group of five, Christa brought in her then boyfriend, now fiancé, Chris, who was also a fan of Critical Role and who had played Dungeons and Dragons many many years ago.


An Audio Adventure

Part Actual Play|Part Audio Drama

With a focus on roleplay, heavy editing, and in depth production, Adventures in Erylia straddles the line between being a traditional Actual Play Podcast and being an Audio Drama. Our story takes on a slower, simulationist, pace to allow plenty of time for the player characters to explore the world, interact with NPCs, and get to know one another in game as their own people. Our recording sessions would look a lot like many people's home games. We use the time to hang out, get off topic, and share side stories. That all changes once the audio hits the editing booth as countless hours are spent distilling the audio down to the story we are telling to keep it moving forward and engaging to a listener. The listening experience is enhanced through the addition of background music, setting ambience, and sound effects. Our goal is to tell a story where closing your eyes will let you feel like you are watching it happen around you. If this sounds like the show for you, then check out our episodes below.

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We've Been At This For A Year!

So thanks to a little Twitter notification telling me the Adventures in Erylia Twitter account is 1 year old, I realized we’ve been doing this for a year now! We don’t have any big anniversary plans right now, because I tend to consider our relaunch the new anniversary for the show. However, I was still pretty excited to see that we’ve actually been doing this for a full year now. To us, we’re just some friends who get together once or twice a month to play dungeons and dragons with some microphones in front of us.

We Need Commission Ideas!!

We're in the final stages of getting the last commission from our Guild Masters commission series wrapped up. With this finishing up, we are in need of a new list to chose from for future commissions! We'd love to hear what characters or items you would like to see us have commissioned and they will get turned into a new pool to chose from in future polls over on Patreon. Click on the main post for this announcement to see a Google Form to fill out.

Previous Announcements

EE-3-12 - Interview With The Guild

After much time away, the party is finally back at The Guild Hall and can relax for a night, or so they hope. Kenina finds herself whisked away in a dream once again to confront Doitean and learns a lot about the history of Dragons.

Upon waking up the next day, each member of the party finds themselves called in front of the guild masters, alone. Rem is given a mysterious letter and a package. Ariel is asked about her experiences with the spear. Kenina confesses about her meetings with Doitean and her connection to Fioch is brought up. Everyone is asked if they believe Tempest is a good fit for their group and if she is ready for the journey ahead.

Believing that everyone is on board with the path that has been laid out in front of them, the Guild Masters call the entire party in together in order to point them in what they believe is the next best direction. The party is told that they should seek an audience with The Queen of The Faevale.

EE-3-11 - Through A One Way Door

After what has felt like years, though has really only been a few weeks, our adventurers have finally returned to the city of Riven. After saying their goodbyes to Thorstag and the crew of the Iron Cask, they make their way to The Guild Hall to meet with the Guild Masters to debrief them on the situation with Grimfang and The Spear, as well as see what they have learned about The Axe. The party, including Tempest, are given one last chance to turn away before entering a one way door into a saga that will change the course of their lives, and perhaps all of Erylia.  

EE-3-10 - A Captain's Blessing

As the party tries to sleep, it becomes clear to them that Ariel’s attempt to cleanse The Spear has not worked. After Thorstag and the crew are woken up by the commotion, he levels with them that they need to talk to the crew about what is going on. The party meets with members of the crew to make it clear that the issues that have been happening since they boarded will leave with the party once they land in Riven later that day.

Erylia's Take on Death and Resurrection

Death is an unfortunate risk to most adventurers. However, in most Dungeons and Dragons settings, death is something that can be undone at the wave of a hand. When it came to building Erylia, I knew that I wanted death to be something that had meaning and made an impact. I wanted death to mean more than losing a few hundred, or a few thousand, gold. To do this, some changes had to be made to the spells that handle bringing people back.

For this World Building Wednesday, I’ll introduce some of the lore behind how resurrection works in the world, as well as the way I have changed the spell, Revivify. I haven’t gone to the higher level spells yet because none of my players even have Revivify yet, but they will follow the same themes.

The Gods of Erylia

Initially, I wanted to make my first World Building Wednesday post be about death and resurrection in the world of Erylia. However, while thinking about that, I realized that an important stepping stone for that discussion is the gods.

The Evolution of Episode 5's Music

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you may have seen me post this on the 28th:

Working on the post production for Monday’s episode. Trying something a bit different. Liking how its sounding right now. #PodernFamily

At the time, I was excitedly adding in the music for episode 5. So far, I have worked music in pretty sparingly, usually only having a song every 10 minutes, or when there is a scene change. While working on this episode, I decided I wanted to add in more. This was for a few reasons. The biggest one being that I had been looking for more artists to add to the shows catalog. I also wanted it to feel more intentional and less thrown in at random.

The Art of Erylia

Commissioned with help from our patrons

Adventures in Erylia is a small independent podcast that is funded by the cast. One thing that we do not have the budget for is having art done to help visualize the world that we have made and are playing in. For that, we lean on the support of our Guild Members over on Patreon. Thanks to their continued support in what we are doing as a show, we have been able to commission a number of one of a kind pieces of art for the show.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee was the first artist that we started regularly working with to have custom commissions done for the show. Damian discovered his art through one of the Dungeons and Dragons subreddits and immediately fell in love with his style. After getting the opinions of the rest of the cast and everyone agreeing that we wanted to pursue working with him, we reached out to Daniel for a commission. We started small, having him bring Fioch, the great axe that the party delivered to The Adventurers Guild, to life. We got that commission back in August of 2021 and have been working with him since, doing art for multiple legendary weapons and characters.

Sketch Goblin

SketchGoblin is an artist I have seen all over the place, for quite a long time. I can't remember if I first came across one of his illustrations on Reddit or on Twitter, but I immediately knew I wanted to have our first full group art done in his style. Our first art commission was the Erylian Epic party, which has become a part of our album art for the show. I think it works great used in this way because the large blocks of colors from the vector style drawings keep the characters recognizable, even when scaled down. He was a great artist to work with and we would recommend him to others as well.