Where Five Friends Sit Around The Table...

Adventures in Erylia started when Damian, the DM, told his wife Caitlin, that he wanted to start up his own D&D game. After having been a player in other games, Damian was inspired to start creating his own world and start telling a story in it. This world is what became Erylia.
Through a shared interest in Critical Role, Caitlin brought in her co-worker, Christa. The two of them were joined by another co-worker, Chantalle, who was interested in the opportunity to hang out and play games. None of them had ever played Dungeons and Dragons or another tabletop RPG before.
Rounding out our group of five, Christa brought in her then boyfriend, now fiancé, Chris, who was also a fan of Critical Role and who had played Dungeons and Dragons many many years ago.


An Audio Adventure

Part Actual Play|Part Audio Drama

With a focus on roleplay, heavy editing, and in depth production, Adventures in Erylia straddles the line between being a traditional Actual Play Podcast and being an Audio Drama. Our story takes on a slower, simulationist, pace to allow plenty of time for the player characters to explore the world, interact with NPCs, and get to know one another in game as their own people. Our recording sessions would look a lot like many people's home games. We use the time to hang out, get off topic, and share side stories. That all changes once the audio hits the editing booth as countless hours are spent distilling the audio down to the story we are telling to keep it moving forward and engaging to a listener. The listening experience is enhanced through the addition of background music, setting ambience, and sound effects. Our goal is to tell a story where closing your eyes will let you feel like you are watching it happen around you. If this sounds like the show for you, then check out our episodes below.

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Welcome to the New Adventures in Erylia Website!

It's 2023 and time for a facelift for Adventures in Erylia. You're now checking us out on our brand new website! The new website should be pretty familiar to our old one, but it has been rebuilt on a whole new platform. In search of more customization options, we have moved from Squarespace over to Webflow. We are really excited for some of the new features and more granular customization that we have on Webflow.

Previous Announcements

EE-3-9 - Seeking Answers

As our adventurers draw closer to Riven and The Guild Hall, members of the group start to think about the future of the party. With Rem staying in the cabin to keep Ariel company, she takes advantage of the private time with him to try and figure out his intentions with group and if he will stay with her after this mission is over. Meanwhile, Kenina seeks out Temptest to more directly ask her to join the guild and to continue on wherever their adventures take them.

EE-3-8 - The Isolation Room

With Ariel choosing to stay locked in their room aboard The Iron Cask, the rest of the party take turns spending the day with her while the others explore the ship. Rem breaks out his new fishing gear and Tempest has a chat with Thorstag, revealing that she used to be a part of a sailing crew. Meanwhile, Kenina and Ariel get back to their work outs and teach each other how to play some games from their childhoods. Ziggle brings the entire party a choice piece of the salmon that Rem had caught before they turn in for the night. Though the ride is smooth, some ones dream leaves them shaken.

EE-3-7 - We Need To Talk

The whole party is shaken after Ariel was attacked by the shade in her sleep. Realizing that a new threat seems to be after them and the ship is not as safe as they expected it to be, they chose to set up watches for the rest of the journey. Ariel calls every for a meeting and tells them that she thinks it is best if she stays in the room with The Spear in case something happens again. Kenina takes this opportunity to tell the party about her recent dream about Doitean and prods the rest of the party to share any strange dreams that they may be having.

Production Update - 1/22/23

With our new website up and running, Damian wants to get in the habit of doing more regular text updates on how production is going. Considering everything else that went on this weekend, I am actually super happy with how far I got, though I was slightly under the goal I set for myself part of the way through Sunday. These updates probably won't be weekly, but if I feel like a significant milestone has been reached, I'll try to get a post up about it at the end of the weekend.

Some Steps In The Right Direction, But I Still Have My Reservations (OGL Updates)

It has been a busy week over at Wizards of the Coast when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons right now. After a week of silence, they came out with a cheeky statement to insult their pissed off fan base. Apparently their PR team is back from vacation this week though, as Kyle Brink has made a commitment to being more open about their process of updating their licensing, and we even got an actual draft of their proposed OGL1.2. Some of this is a step in the right direction, but in many ways, Wizards of the Coast is not doing enough to convince the community to calm down. This post includes my thoughts over pretty much the last week of Wizards' statements in regards to the OGL. I've started writing new one's a couple times now and I just can not keep up with the pace in which they are releasing new statements so I am condensing them down here.

Things Are A Mess... (Thoughts on the OGL Leaks)

If you're even vaguely aware of the TTRPG space, then you've heard of the disaster that is going on with Wizards of the Coast and Dungeons & Dragons over the past 2 weeks. It was leaked that Wizards was going to be releasing a new version of their OGL, the Open Gaming License. Damian has been very plugged into what has been coming out and wanted to take some time to lay out his thoughts for our community. He expresses his frustration at the situation, sympathy for those effected, and what it means for the show right now and potentially in the future. This is by no means an all inclusive account on everything but a way to vent and handle his feelings personally.

The Art of Erylia

Commissioned with help from our patrons

Adventures in Erylia is a small independent podcast that is funded by the cast. One thing that we do not have the budget for is having art done to help visualize the world that we have made and are playing in. For that, we lean on the support of our Guild Members over on Patreon. Thanks to their continued support in what we are doing as a show, we have been able to commission a number of one of a kind pieces of art for the show.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee was the first artist that we started regularly working with to have custom commissions done for the show. Damian discovered his art through one of the Dungeons and Dragons subreddits and immediately fell in love with his style. After getting the opinions of the rest of the cast and everyone agreeing that we wanted to pursue working with him, we reached out to Daniel for a commission. We started small, having him bring Fioch, the great axe that the party delivered to The Adventurers Guild, to life. We got that commission back in August of 2021 and have been working with him since, doing art for multiple legendary weapons and characters.

Sketch Goblin

SketchGoblin is an artist I have seen all over the place, for quite a long time. I can't remember if I first came across one of his illustrations on Reddit or on Twitter, but I immediately knew I wanted to have our first full group art done in his style. Our first art commission was the Erylian Epic party, which has become a part of our album art for the show. I think it works great used in this way because the large blocks of colors from the vector style drawings keep the characters recognizable, even when scaled down. He was a great artist to work with and we would recommend him to others as well.