Adventures in Erylia
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Who Are We?

Adventures in Erylia is an actual play podcast that features a group of five friends who sit around the table together and record themselves playing Dungeons and Dragons. Our episodes are released bi-weekly on Monday morning.

Why Do We Adventure Together?

Our ragtag group of adventurers, the players, not the characters, started getting together in the last half of 2016. Damian, the Dungeon Master, wanted to start a group of his own after life changes resulted in leaving his previous group. His fiance, Caitlin, had a passing interest in D&D, as a fan of Critical Role and actual play podcasts. Caitlin found a common interest with a coworker, Christa, when the discovered they both watched Critical Role. Christa's boyfriend, Chris, was also into Critical Role and had some previous experience with role-playing games. While the group was beginning to form, Chantalle, one of Christa and Caitlin's coworkers, took an interest in the hobby, having never been exposed to it before. Damian had been working on the concept of his homebrew setting, Erylia, and this group found themselves as adventurers in it.