You can find the show on a few of the most popular social media spaces. We find that they all can fill different needs and will have different levels of activities. You can read how we use them below and chose to join us on the one that best suits you.

Twitter is arguably our best used social media platform. Our dungeon master has found it to be the easiest to use for talking about the show, finding other creators, and keeping in contact with fans. Click the Twitter banner to be taken to our Twitter account, @EryliaPod to get the most up to date information regarding the show.


Come hang out with members of the cast and fellow listeners in our Discord Server. Every one of us has Discord and is hanging out in the fairly regularly. If you want to get in touch with anyone on the cast, this is the best way to do so. We also will occasionally hang out in voice chat late at night on the weekends while we play video games as a group, or during random times during the week. Come stop by and say hi!


We don’t currently use Instagram to its fullest potential at the moment. However, as we find more and more ways to create visual elements related to the show, Instagram will be the easiest to keep track of them all. Click on the Instagram banner and come follow us to see whatever cool pictures we come up with for the show.


Facebook has shown to be our least used social media platform. Due to our lack of us on the platform, if all you are interested in is a place to see an archives of episodes of the show or to be able to share them with your own friends on Facebook, click on the Facebook banner, like the page, and be pleased with how little we interrupt your news feed.