The Art of Erylia

Commissioned with help from our patrons

Adventures in Erylia is a small independent podcast that is funded by the cast. One thing that we do not have the budget for is having art done to help visualize the world that we have made and are playing in. For that, we lean on the support of our Guild Members over on Patreon. Thanks to their continued support in what we are doing as a show, we have been able to commission a number of one of a kind pieces of art for the show.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee was the first artist that we started regularly working with to have custom commissions done for the show. Damian discovered his art through one of the Dungeons and Dragons subreddits and immediately fell in love with his style. After getting the opinions of the rest of the cast and everyone agreeing that we wanted to pursue working with him, we reached out to Daniel for a commission. We started small, having him bring Fioch, the great axe that the party delivered to The Adventurers Guild, to life. We got that commission back in August of 2021 and have been working with him since, doing art for multiple legendary weapons and characters.

Sketch Goblin

SketchGoblin is an artist I have seen all over the place, for quite a long time. I can't remember if I first came across one of his illustrations on Reddit or on Twitter, but I immediately knew I wanted to have our first full group art done in his style. Our first art commission was the Erylian Epic party, which has become a part of our album art for the show. I think it works great used in this way because the large blocks of colors from the vector style drawings keep the characters recognizable, even when scaled down. He was a great artist to work with and we would recommend him to others as well.