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Adventures in Erylia is Moving to Red Circle

Hey there Advenuters!

After many years with PodBean (since the start of the show), Adventures in Erylia is moving to a new media host! Being completely honest, we have no issues with PodBean and would gladly recommend them for anyone starting a show that needs unlimited uploads and bandwidth, but also only needs one RSS Feed. The driving factor for this switch is so that we can split the Mieveht Story into it’s own RSS feed and clean up the main shows feed. While we enjoyed that story, it did come to a satisfying ending and we do not know if we will be returning to it and this made things confusing for new listeners who were not sure where to start or what episodes to listen to. There are some other features we are interested in checking out as part of the Red Circle family, but there will be more on that in the future.

If everything went according to plan, your RSS Feed in your podcast app should already have been redirected to the new Red Circle feed. Checking this is very easy. Arc 3, Episode 8 of the Erylian Epic (EE-3-8) was only published to the Red Circle feed. If your refresh and do not see that, you may need to resubscribe to the new feed which is HERE.

April 8, 2024

We've Been At This For A Year!

So thanks to a little Twitter notification telling me the Adventures in Erylia Twitter account is 1 year old, I realized we’ve been doing this for a year now! We don’t have any big anniversary plans right now, because I tend to consider our relaunch the new anniversary for the show. However, I was still pretty excited to see that we’ve actually been doing this for a full year now. To us, we’re just some friends who get together once or twice a month to play dungeons and dragons with some microphones in front of us.

It’s been eventful and exciting. We launched once, with only a cell phone and a blue yeti to record with. I struggled to get episodes out on time. I struggled with how bad our audio sounded when I compared it to other shows I listen to. So after a few months we made a great change, and our numbers have shown it was worth it. Before the decision to relaunch the show, we were lucky to break 20 downloads in a month. Today’s episode is already at 20 downloads and our average is getting into the 50s and 60s.

Here’s to another year Adventurers! We’re excited to keep going and keep improving, and we’re happy you’ve chosen to come with us on this journey. To call back to our past, here’s our very first episode, poor audio quality and all, which is usually only available to Patreon supporters.

December 22, 2023

We Need Commission Ideas!!

We're in the final stages of getting the last commission from our Guild Masters commission series wrapped up. With this finishing up, we are in need of a new list to chose from for future commissions! We'd love to hear what characters or items you would like to see us have commissioned and they will get turned into a new pool to chose from in future polls over on Patreon. Fill out the Google Form below. Feel free to do it multiple times if you have a lot of ideas.

March 24, 2023

Welcome to the New Adventures in Erylia Website!

During the past year, Adventures in Erylia made the decision to change our media hosting platform from Podbean over to Redcircle. Unfortunately, this created a bit of a problem for posting our episodes on our website. Podbean and Redcircle use different types of embed codes, which are how we have a media player for our episodes linked in the episode post. We have been with Squarespace since early 2018 and could have upgraded our plan and kept our website there, but I wanted to make some other changes to the website that were difficult to make in the more rigid building style of that platform. so I started to look into other platforms. I had heard of Webflow through an ad on MKBHD's WVFRM podcast and when checking it out I was interested in the mix of no code with powerful settings and how accessible their custom code is. If you've got any feedback or suggestions for the new website, do not hesitate to reach out to us at

At this point, the site is pretty much up to date with where things were on our last site, but there may be some things that have fallen through the cracks. If you run into an issue, I am most responsive over on Discord.

Some cool new things have been added with our new website. Our featured artists page now randomly cycles through the art that we have commissioned from each artist instead of having to show them all individually. Along with that, in the case of Daniel Lee's work with The Dragonbonds, we are able to just cycle through the different forms of an individual Dragonbond instead of columns that show each version. I am also super happy that our Recommended Podcasts page now shuffles on its own at least once per day. It always felt like playing favorites when I would shuffle the list around and now it's just properly randomized for me!

I'm going to update this announcement post over the next month as things are filled in and any cool changes happen to be made.

Update 1/14/23 - I have gotten all of the first arc of the Erylian Epic posted to the podcasts blog. Thankfully I started using our current format for show notes fairly early on so it was mostly a matter of copying and pasting the information over. That particular bit of work too about 30 minutes, so roughly 2 minutes per episode.

Update 1/15/23 - I have gone back and added in the data and tags for the blog posts and episode posts so that a short description and an image will show up when the site is shared in discord and social media. I have also finished adding in the second and third arcs of the Erylian Epic as well as the associated Nightwatch episodes. This means that all released episodes of our main show are on the website. The Mieveht Story will come later, I need to reupload all of those files to their own feed on our new media host, Red Circle.

Update 1/20/23 - I have added the ability to comment and add reactions on blog and episode posts with Disqus integration! I have also added episode counts to the tabbed section on the home page that shows the most recent episode and blog posts. After some feedback, I have also rearranged the way those tabbed sections are displayed. They are now stacked vertically and centered to better match the rest of the website. Right now, the background is spanning the entire page width but I am looking into fixing that so it is the same size as the background used on the other areas of the website.

Update 1/21/23 - Fixed the things I broke while adjusting the layout for the tab area last night.

April 8, 2024