EE-3-13 - The Importance of The Tokens

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The party has some time off before they get ready for their next adventure. Naturally, after being gone for so long on their first real adventure, they have to do some resupplying and they realize some things that they are missing for long journeys away from the city. After a group stop at Gregorio’s General Emporium of the Regular and Mundane for general supplies, the party splits into a few groups to do some focused shopping of their own.

Kenina, Tempest, and Ariel visit the farrier to acquire saddles for the horses as well as inquire about getting armor for the horses. Rem revisits Gizgig, the Alchemist, before returning to the stables to drop some stuff off. After the farrier, Ariel makes her way to the farmers market area of Riven to buy treats for the horses, while Kenina and Tempest visit a blacksmith to inquire about getting armor and weapons for the cart, as well as armor for the horses, since that was not something the farrier offers.

Hell breaks loose at the stables as everyone eventually find themselves there to drop things off and learn the limitations of “The Token System”


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Damian- The DM

Chris -Rem

Christa -Ariel

Chantalle -Kenina

Caitlin -Tempest


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