Production Update - 12/2/23 - Where HAVE We Been?!

When I released "EE-3-12 - Interview With The Guild", I knew that it would be a little while before our next episode would come out. What I did not expect, was for it to be this long.

Our last episode was release at the start of August. I knew that we would have a bit of a gap between episodes because August is also the month of our local Renaissance Faire, which all of the Adventures in Erylia crew camps out for and basically makes the major part of our life for the month. Caitlin and I also had a trip to Disneyland in September. I was hoping to at least be able to get our next episode posted by the end of September, by working on it in between things and getting wrapped up after we got back. Well, considering it's now December, it's safe to say that that plan all failed, but why? Right before our trip in September, Caitlin and I found out that we have to move by the end of the year. This started the long (and has drawn even longer) process of us trying to be able to afford a place of our own instead of renting again. The, now very long, post that I started talking about that whole process is what I have been waiting to release until we close on our condo, but that process has been drawn out even longer by red tape and won't be until the new year, so I wanted to get an update out now.

One thing that has been made better by the timeline being drawn out, is that we are feeling less pressure to be ready to move as early as we originally planned (we'd already be working on renovating the condo by now if the original timeline held up), I have been finding more time to work on editing. I'm not at a point where I can even speculate on when the episode will be ready for release, but I am aiming for by the end of the year now. As always, if you want more casual updates, head on over to our Discord server. If I am awake, chances are I will see anything you say within the hour!

Written By : 
Damian the DM
Originally Published : 
December 2, 2023
December 2, 2023
Updated On : 
April 8, 2024