EE-1-7 - Now Arriving in Port Gnollsal

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The party enters the bustling port city of Norsal, having gained a new member, Tempest, from the crew of the Whispering Winds. Their first order of business is to secure some sort of travel to get from Port Norsal down to Starrengeld in the South West. After purchasing a cart and a couple of horses, which they have been told they can sell back for some of their money later, though Rem thinks they’ve been swindled, they make a quick stop at a general store. After loading up their new cart with supplies for the road, the head out of the city to begin their three day journey.

Day one goes by uneventful. They pass through many of the vineyards responsible for Port Norsal’s famous wines before making camp for the night.

However, things take a turn for the worse on day two. Rem and Kenina spot a commotion a few miles down the road, which has broken up by the time the party gets to it. Rem investigates and determines that gnolls were responsible. As he checks on the perimeter, gnolls armed with longbows fire upon him and the rest of the party from the trees. We end the session as 6 more gnolls come rushing out from the forest in pursuit of the party as their cart speeds away.


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Not Quite Heroes is an actual play podcast featuring characters with a bit more moral ambiguity than your standard adventuring party. Think of their show a little bit like the Mieveht Story, where the characters aren’t outright evil, but they’re not always upstanding citizens either.

We had our first #minMAXmankind rolls in this episode. You can learn about our participation in #minMAXmankind here. For our d6 rolls this episode: Damian got a 5, Chris got a 6, Christa got a 2, Chantalle got a 4, and Caitlin got a 6. We will be donating $23 dollars to the Child’s Play charity for this episode.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Video Dungeon Boss – Incompetech (3:01)

Fimbulwinter (cont.) – Vindsvept (5:09)

Market Town – Derek & Brandon Fietcher (5:39)

Dock’s District – Tabletop Audio (7:42)

Ambience – Syrinscape (17:13)

Lord of the Land – Incompetech (19:47)

Solstice – Scott Buckley (21:50)

Medieval Town – Tabletop Audio (23:57)

Welcome Home – Adrian von Ziegler (33:37)

Medieval Town – Tabletop Audio (36:49)

Fireflies and Stardust – Incompetech (38:20)

Carriage Journey – Tabletop Audio (41:06)

Blackened Roots – Adrian von Ziegler (48:23)

Lonesome West – Tabletop Audio (50:50)

Winter Woods – Tabletop Audio (1:00:35)

Guardian – Vindsvept (1:02:40)

Invariance – Incompetech (1:05:56)

As We March – Vindsvept (1:07:39)

Invariance (cont.) – Incompetech (1:08:25)

Skirmish – Tabletop Audio (1:10:01)

Gnoll Battle – Syrinscape (1:19:55)

As We March (cont.) – Vindsvept (1:53:08)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)