Adventures in Erylia is joining #MinMaxMankind!

What is Min Max Mankind?

Min Max Mankind is a charity drive started by Lawful Stupid, a fellow actual play podcast. For the month of May, Lawful Stupid, ourselves, and many other actual play podcasts will be giving to charity. How will we do this? There’s a few different ways to spin it, but it all comes down to the humanity die. In our case, we chose a d6 for each players humanity die. For every episode we release in the month of May, there will be a humanity roll in the intro. We will total up all of our humanity rolls at the end of the month and donate that amount to charity. To add to this, instead of just donating 10% of the podcasts income this month, we will be donating 100% of our Patreon earnings this month. It doesn't matter how high our Patreon gets during the month, once the month is paid out, that money will go right to charity.

What Charity Did We Choose?



We are choosing to donate our #minMAXMankind funds this year to Child's Play. Not only are they a locally based charity for us, but they have a goal we can really get behind. As a group of gamers, we recognize the power that gaming has as a way to take your mind off of things and the creative outlet that playing games opens up. We wish to help in bringing these children an escape from their otherwise unpleasant experiences.



What Can You Do To Join The Action?

If you are a fellow podcaster that would like to join in on #minMAXMankind, then it is simple. Choose your Humanity Die and roll it at the end of the episode. Take your Humanity Die roll and add 10% of your podcast revenue at the end of the month to determine your charity donation. If you don't have any revenue from your podcast, then add in the highest player's modifier to your roll. At the end of the month, reach out to Lawful Stupid at to let them know what your donation was and where it was to so they can add up all of the donations made because of #minMAXMankind. 

If you'd like to join in on this drive but you aren't a podcaster yourself, you can still incorporate the Humanity Die into your gaming sessions and add your highest modifier to the roll and donate that to a charity of your choice.

Continue to spread the word. Challenge another podcast to join in, or challenge a friend of yours. Together, we can Min Max Mankind!

Our Challenge

Adventures in Erylia has joined the ranks to #minMAXMankind, and we are sending a challenge to join as well to our beloved friends over at the Four Orbs actual play podcast!