Production Update - 5/3/23 - We Recorded An Episode!!!

It's been a long time. Far too long. Our last recording session was on 10/15/2022... That was over six months ago! After that, life for the cast just got very chaotic and busy. We dealt with an injury that left a member of the cast unable to record for an extended period of time. Then we had the holidays and the build and launch of this new website. Shortly after the holidays, Damian quit his job of 8 years and went to work for a different company in the same industry. As things settled in there, you got the last 2 episode, EE-3-10 and EE-3-11, which came out of October's session and we started trying to plan our next recording date. Things were very busy in March and April, and we even had to cancel one of the planned recording days due to an unavoidable work conflict with one of the cast members. We managed to get things to line up last weekend and got a 4 hour recording on the books! The session was filled to the brim with roleplay and exposition as the party continued to meet with the Guild Masters and figure out more about the legend lore of the world and where they might uncover more information regarding The Dragon Wars. I'm also feeling super inspired after the last few episodes and doing the prep for this episode, so I jumped right into the edit of the session the day after recording. I have already gone through 1 hour of raw audio and have continued chipping along.

Progress on Mon 5-1
Progress on Tue 5-2

For those that aren't in our Discord and are used to seeing my Editing Booth updates, the images above are the progress of the playhead in my audio editor. While there is only a 10 minute advancement in time between the two, you can note that the total time remaining in the "Time:" field is 25 minutes less. That means that I made it through 25 minutes of raw audio during that editing session, of which, sadly, 15 minutes is on the cutting room floor. I'm hoping to keep progress going strong this week and would love to get through the first rough cut before the end of the weekend.

Enjoy this meme pulled from the upcoming episode.

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Damian the DM
Originally Published : 
May 3, 2023
May 3, 2023
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May 7, 2023