Production Update - 1/22/23

This past week has marked the launch of our new website (where you're reading this, you found it, yay!). Aside from a couple minor tweaks and additions to the website since launch, this week has marked a big pivot back to working on the show after the last couple months have been more and more dedicated to getting the new website good enough to launch with. If you're interested in more minor and real time updates, I suggest joining our Discord, where I regularly give progress updates in the Editing Booth channel.

Anyways, onto the actual production update. I didn't think to take a screenshot of where I was before this week, but I am just under the mark of 1 hour left of raw audio to edit. You'll notice a decent gap around the 1 hour and 10 minute mark - there is a chance that this recording session actually gets us two full episodes, but I will not know that for sure until I finish the raw audio cut - that gap marks the best place to split the episode. It is actually in a perfect spot in terms of position and story beat. I want all of our episodes to run at least an hour long, and this point ended up being right as the party says their good-byes to Thorstag and makes they way into the city of Riven. I am no longer running public games of D&D at the game store, which has given me back Tuesday nights, and I hope to spend a good chunk of Tuesday getting close to the end of the raw cut, at least half of what is left now, with finishing the rest by the weekend, so that I can start the production pass this weekend. I have a Belegarth event this Sunday, so I may not get the episode posted, even if I look close to finishing.

Image of the timeline in Hindenburg, our Audio Editing Software. The screenshot shows the progress of the edit so far, which shows that there is about 1 hour and 17 minutes of audio that has been edited and a remaining 1 hour that has not been gone through yet.

One of the trials that I have been dealing with while working on this episode is in relation to the keypad I use to edit with, and have for years. I am not sure what happened, but while working on this episode, my Razer Orbweaver died on me. It still works, but it is no longer recognized by the software that is used for the custom keybinds and shortcuts that I use to edit the show. It is technically a legacy device, and when I reached out to Razer support, they weren't able to be of much help without jumping through a bunch of hoops. So as a bandaid, I have been using an odd layout and button set up on my Stream Deck. It's not comfortable, but it has been working. I plan to replace it with a new Razer Tartarus Pro in the next few weeks and am really looking forward to setting it up! I'll talk more about it once I have that all done though.

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Damian the DM
Originally Published : 
January 23, 2023
January 22, 2023
Updated On : 
March 21, 2023