Erylian Lore : The Week of Excuses, Expanded

A few weeks ago, I was falling behind on things. It started with being behind on editing an episode, and that followed to not having anything written for World Building Wednesday. From that, The Week of Excuses was born. It was originally a pretty tongue in cheek statement to explain not having content on time, but I decided to run with it. At the end, I said that when I got to the calendar building portion of things, The Week of Excuses was totally going to be a thing.

There’s a few reasons I’m adding in the when and what for The Week of Excuses this week. Really, a lot of things just lined up that I felt made this the perfect time. Last week’s World Building Wednesday was the early stages of the calendar. Also, we just went through Christmas and things have been crazy. Much like the original creation of the week of excuses, I’m not prepared for a big post this week. This is also the last week of the year, making the timing very fitting.

I actually planned out when and what The Week of Excuses was shortly after its first post. The Week of Excuses is the last week of the year, so the last week of Arawn.  It kind of takes it’s inspiration from all of the failed new year’s resolutions that people have in our world. This week has become a time where people come up with excuses for all of the things that said they’d do and never did. In a sense, the people of Erylia use it as a time to clean the slate. They come up with am excuse for they never did something and are able to move past it. Now, when the new year comes around, they are able to start fresh.

Though The Week of Excuses is a recognized event, it is not something people are proud of. There are no celebrations about excusing one’s failings. It is not something people brag about. Ultimately, the hope is that you will reflect on your goals and accomplishments and be more realistic in the new year. Similarly, I am not proud of the two times I have evoked The Week of Excuses for World Building Wednesday. But, the holidays are winding down, I have an idea for next weeks topic, and things will return to normal.

Happy Holidays Adventurers. We will see you next year.

Written By : 
Damian the DM
Originally Published : 
December 27, 2017
May 7, 2023
Updated On : 
May 7, 2023