The History of Adventures in Erylia

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This is a special episode that goes over the history of how Adventures in Erylia got started. We talk about how the group formed, how we got into D&D as a whole, and how things changed (pretty quickly) from a home game into being an actual play podcast. Check the bottom of the show notes for breakdown of topics.


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Since this is a bit of a special episode going over the history of how Adventures in Erylia got started, in lieu of our usual show notes, you can use this topic list as a reference to timestamps around where we cover a certain topic.

Introduction (1:06)

Joining the GonnaGeek Network (2:44)

How We All Met (5:05)

The OOG Group (9:48)

To Put A Date On Things (18:06)

Why The Mieveht Story Came First (20:43)

Brand New Role Players! (27:08)

The Death of The OOG Campaign and the Birth of AinE (37:03)

Adventures in Erylia Begins to Bloom (44:00)

Experiences Before Podcast (57:34)

Are Your Characters Extensions of Yourself? (1:00:10)

Reminiscing The Lost Arc Of The Erylian Epic (1:07:35)

Introducing A Character With A Goodbye (1:12:12)

The Inter-Party Relationships of The Erylian Epic (1:13:02)

Outro And A Peak Of What’s To Come (1:20:20)