Questions, Answers, and Other Discussions - 2021

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This is a special episode that goes over some listener and group questions about Adventures in Erylia. In true AinE discussion fashion, we took those simple questions and embellished them into lengthy wandering discussions. Check the bottom of the show notes for a breakdown of questions and some of the topics we wandered off to.


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This episode’s shout outs are a little different than usual. We didn’t do any specific shout outs, but I did grab a few of the specific things we talked about to include them here.

Zee Bashew – You cannot get rid of cursed dice. You hide them and they are passed down to someone when you die.

C4 Labs – Local Company that makes RPG related products. Chantalle has bought into their gear dice tray and a rolling tower and Christa has bought a cool wood and acrylic coaster.

Dungeon in a Box – Chris runs an off mic campaign for the group as a way to play more casually using Dungeon in a Box. We are only a few boxes in to the first campaign that he has, but at this point he has gotten 2 full campaigns. It has been great for helping him through prep time as it comes with a small, focused, booklet module, premade maps, and minis for the important encounters. As a player it is interested because they have also included some campaign long perks for us to unlock and use in the game.








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Since this is a bit of a special episode going over listener and cast member questions, in lieu of our usual show notes, you can use this questions and answers list as a timestamp reference.

Introduction (1:02)

Wrapping Up (1:08:03)