EE-2-4 - A Troubling Vision

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Night comes to a close with a fresh kill, leading to breakfast. After another half day's travel, our adventurers say their goodbyes to Eldith and send her on her way, protected and invisible. They back track to an area that feels promising for tracking down the gnolls. Though it is getting late, they decide to set off into the forest. Though not all in the forest is as it seems.

Skill Check Disclaimer – I have already modified the rules on helping another player. This comes up in the next episode.


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Aesir Meadery – Aesir is where we chose to get mead for our wedding, a little over a year ago. We had two bottles left over and decided, what better time to open them than now, on our 1 year aniversay, with our closest friends? Nothing. Nothing was wrong. His mead is made locally wit different ingredients that he imports if needed. This  was the first place I tried mead and I was set.

Four Orbs - Four Orbs is another 5e actual play like we are. The story is something their DM, Dave, has clearly spent a lot of time on. There is a great mix of seriousness and humor, as well as some interesting humor and off topicness.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Forest: Night – Tabletop Audio (2:15)

Dreams Become Real – Incompetech (7:24)

Vopna – Serpent Sound Studio (9:05)

Ice Demon – Incompetech (12:45)

Lost Frontier – Incompetech (17:03)

Nightfall – Scott Buckley (19:17)

[Grasslands] Vast Grasslands in Night – Andrii Mardanov [BB] (20:40)

[Plate Mail Games] Kahlem Lake – Wes Otis [BB] (20:56)

[Weather] Drizzle – Pablo Betancourt [BB] (21:24)

Deep Ocean – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (21:30)

The Hidden Scroll – Adrian von Ziegler (25:18)

Middle Earth: Dawn – Tabletop Audio (25:20)

Stoic Morning – Incompetech (26:58)

Middle Earth: Dawn – Tabletop Audio (29:18)

Carriage Journey – Tabletop Audio (32:13)

Wanderer, Part Two – Vindsvept (33:51)

Hiding in Solitude – Vindsvept (34:57)

[Grasslands] Gentle Plains in Day – Alexander Buttsynov [BB] (39:00)

Friendly Day – Incompetech (40:53)

Wanderer – Vindsvept (41:39)

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Martyrium – Adrian von Ziegler (52:27)

[Wagons and Carriages] Wagon in the Country – Adam Waleszynski [BB] (54:56)

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Lobby Time – Incompetech (1:03:09)

Forest: Day – Tabletop Audio (1:04:09)

Lobby Time – Incompetech (1:05:37)

Forest: Day – Tabletop Audio (1:05:30)

Lobby Time – Incomepetech (1:05:49)

Forest: Day – Tabletop Audio (1:06:03)

Unseelie Court – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (1:06:55)

Forest Lullaby – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (1:09:22)

Forest of Forgetfulness – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (1:10:50)

Eyes of the Forest – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (1:13:49)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)


Portions of our background audio is courtesy of Syrinscape. They have a great mixer that we run through our set up while we record to help build the scene during our sessions. If you’re interested in trying out Syrinscape for yourself, they have provided us with a link to a 30 day free trial. These sections all have Syrinscape running in the background:

Bird Song – 26:54

Bird Song – 42:13


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