EE-2-3 - To The Coast of Isylia

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After a brief sit down after their run in with some crazed wolves, our adventurers continue on their journey to Port Norsal to get Eldith to safety. The day progresses and it seems that they may be dealing with inclement weather in the next day or so. However, the sun does begin to set and the group must find somewhere to rest for the night. Knowing they are getting close to where the gnolls have been active, they chose to camp as far away as possible in their current location, along the shores of Lake Isylia.


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Toscobble Cottage – Toscobble Cottage is an Etsy shop ran by Caitlin, the player behind Tempest and Lassair. She makes handmade shirts and other items, usually with a nerdy theme to them. Quite a efw of us wear and adore her shirts and during this recording session I was wearing the Trust Me, I’m The DM shirt I helped her design and Christa was wearing her Chaotic Good shirt, which will be coming to the store soon.

Redemption – Redemption is an actual play podcast set in the Star Wars universe and is played with the Star Wars Roleplaying System published by Fantasy Flight Games. The story itself follows a small crew of smugglers right before the start of the Clone Wars and throughout the story so far they constantly find themselves crossing the paths of the galactic conflict.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Healing – Incompetech (3:25)

[Grasslands] The Plains in Day – Stuart Duffield [BB] (10:43)

[Ancient Chamber] Aeons of Times Untold – Christian Peitsch [BB] (12:00)

[Druid’s Grove] Rite of the Rains – Lewis Clarke [BB] (13:04)

[Grasslands] The Plains in Day – Stuart Duffield [BB] (14:08)

Growing Up – Scott Buckley (17:21)

The Forest and The Trees – Incompetech (20:35)

Syrinscape (21:54)

Ancient Storm – Adrian von Ziegler (26:44)

Evening Breeze – Adrian von Ziegler (28:06)

Lake of Wonder – Derek and Brandon Fiechter (34:05)

Sneaky Adventure – Incompetech (39:22)

Lake of Wonder – Derek and Brandon Fiechter (42:42)

Woodland Campsite – Tabletop Audio (46:53)

[Plate Mail Games] Kahlem Lake – Wes Otis [BB] (48:23)

Woodland Campsite – Tabletop Audio (49:38)

[Plate Mail Games] Kahlem Lake – Wes Otis [BB] (52:14)

Woodland Campsite – Tabletop Audio (56:57)

Ruthless – Vindsvept (1:00:00)

[Plate Mail Games] Kahlem Lake – Wes Otis [BB] (1:02:44)

Woodland Campsite – Tabletop Audio (1:03:51)

Forest: Night – Tabletop Audio (1:07:55)

[Plate Mail Games] Kahlem Lake – Wes Otis [BB] (1:08:53)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)

[Druid’s Grove] Rite of the Rains – Lewis Clarke [BB] (BB Promo)


Portions of our background audio is courtesy of Syrinscape. They have a great mixer that we run through our set up while we record to help build the scene during our sessions. If you’re interested in trying out Syrinscape for yourself, they have provided us with a link to a 30 day free trial. These sections all have Syrinscape running in the background:

Background Night Sounds (42:49)


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