EE-2-11 - The Decayed One

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Our group of adventurers, along with their small contingency of Dwarven Blackguard, have made it to the edge of the forest, near where they had entered previously in the search for Grimfang. They awake on a hazy day and prepare themselves for the trek and battle ahead. Though they run into little trouble along the way, they reach the camp and hear the sounds of gnolls milling about. A quick scout from the top of tree reveals Grimfang himself for the first time, a gnoll larger than any others with a skeletal visage, wielding a weapon none have seen before. After some brief planning for how to attack the camp, action starts.


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This episode doesn’t have any particular shout outs in it, however I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to some of the sources for the sound effects in this episode. While we do use some of the sound effects offered by BattleBards, I have spent some money over the last few months to expand our catalog of sound effects. Some of these have come from recent Humble Bundles, which was where I got my start in expanding this catalog. To further expand it, I have also picked up some sound effects packs from ASoundEffect. If you would like to explore the world of sound effects for your own endeavors, here is a list of artists used to get you started: Audio Alchemist, Epic Stock Media, Fusehive, Gamemaster Audio, Evil Mind, Sound Spark.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbultwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

[Grasslands] Vast Grasslands in Night – Andrii Mardanov [BB] (1:51)

[Grasslands] Gentle Plains in Day – Alexander Buttsynov [BB] (3:02)

Before the Storm – Tabletop Audio (3:17)

[Grasslands] Gentle Plains in Day – Alexander Buttsynov [BB] (4:19)

Rising Tide (Faster) – Incompetech (4:20)

Ripples – Incompetech (4:43)

Before the Storm – Tabletop Audio (5:11)

[Grasslands] Gentle Plains in Day – Alexander Buttsynov [BB] (12:39)

The Illusionist – Scott Buckley (13:38)

Daytime Forest – Michael Ghelfi (16:21)

Troubled – Duende Sounds (16:47)

[Gnoll] Passive – On Patrol – Pete Chapman (18:31)

[Gnoll] Passive – On Patrol – Pete Chapman (21:13)

Accursed Existence – Adrian von Ziegler (22:17)

Ice Demon – Incompetech (24:13)

Daytime Forest – Michael Ghelfi (26:31)

Ice and Fire (peaceful part – looped) – AndySV (28:00)

Mirror Image Spell – Filippo Buresta [BB] (33:03)

Ominous Jungles – Epic Stock Media (33:12)

[Gnoll] Passive – On Patrol – Pete Chapman (34:34)

Various Percussion Loops (#16) – AndySV (35:05)

[Dwarf] Female Dwarf Rally – Nicky Baker (38:03)

[Dwarf] Adult Dwarf Mourns – M Lewis Sauerwein [BB] (38:53)

To The Sky – Dark Fantasy Studio (39:03)

[Chainmail] Shortbow Arrow Hits Chainmail – Jean-Baptiste [BB] (41:59)

[Gnoll] Combat- Gnoll Offensive – Pete Chapman [BB] (49:29)

[Chainmail] Longbow Arrow Hits Chainmail – Pablo Betancourt [BB] (52:38)

[Gnoll] Passive – On Patrol – Pete Chapman (57:21)

[Striking Wood Shield] Greatspear Caught on Wood Shield – Pablo Betancourt [BB] (1:10:00)

Shadow Forest - Dark Fantasy Studio (1:13:19)

Exploration Mystery (loop) – Audio Alchemist (1:15:16)

Daytime Forest – Michael Ghelfi (1:15:48)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)


Portions of our background audio is courtesy of Syrinscape. They have a great mixer that we run through our set up while we record to help build the scene during our sessions. If you’re interested in trying out Syrinscape for yourself, they have provided us with a link to a 30 day free trial.


Thank you to BattleBards for opening up their songs and sound effects library for use in the show. You can sign up for your own BattleBards account here which will automatically add our coupon code to your account. Or you can use the coupon code Erylia for 15% off when you subscribe to BattleBards Prime!