EE-2-10 - The Withered Wood

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Our adventures sit down at Lifts Rest, once again, to discuss the Blackguard’s proposal. Rem has already received payment for the information they were able to bring, but they need to decide if they will involve themselves further in eliminating Grimfang.

Having decided to finish the job, Rem informs Ulyean that they will prepare to help the Blackguard kill Grimfang. They set off the next day, accompanied by 5 members of the dwarven elite guards. After a hard day’s ride, they near the point they will enter the forest from one last time. It is at this time, that they hear a gasping snarl come from the woods.


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Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

[Dwarf Temple] Hear Us All-Father – ThatBeatMusic (1:53)

Syrinscape (3:59)

Undertow – Scott Buckley (7:23)

Syrinscape (11:33)

Norour – Serpent Sound Studios (14:09)

Syrinscape (18:00)

Medieval Library – Tabletop Audio (18:52)

Syrinscape (21:05)

Moutain Village – Michael Ghelfi (26:43)

Blacksmith Shoppe – Tabletop Audio (27:07)

Opium – Incompetech (32:46)

Blacksmith Shoppe – Tabletop Audio (38:32)

Sunset at Glengorm – Incompetech (41:53)

Vindsvept – Sleeper (46:59)

Tranquility – Incompetech (48:34)

[Grasslands] Vast Grasslands in Night – Andrii Mardanov [BB] (51:09)

Ephemera – Scott Buckley (52:58)

Trail of Tears – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (54:52)

[Travel by Horseback] Horseback on Dirt – Run – WildDog Productions [BB] (55:04)

[Travel by Horseback] Horseback on Dirt – Sprint – WildDog Productions [BB] (55:22)

Percussion Loop #17 (Version 2) – AndySV (56:32)

[Dwarf Language] Female Dwarf Rallies – Nicky Baker [BB] (59:49)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)


Portions of our background audio is courtesy of Syrinscape. They have a great mixer that we run through our set up while we record to help build the scene during our sessions. If you’re interested in trying out Syrinscape for yourself, they have provided us with a link to a 30 day free trial. These sections all have Syrinscape running in the background:

Opening Scene Setting – 3:59

Party Alone in the Inn – 11:33

Rem’s Departure – 18:00

Party Without Rem – 21:05

Bellows at the Smithy – 31:20

Smithy Noises Under Conversation – 32:12

Blacksmiths Area – 45:53

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