EE-2-1 - Good Deeds To Be Done

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This episode marks the return of the Erylian Epic campaign and it starts up right where the previous campaign left off.

Having finished their business with the dwarves in Starrengeld, the party makes their way back down the mountain to begin their next leg of the adventure. Currently, the plan is to investigate the location of Grimfang, and return that information to the village to handle the situation. However, waiting for them at the bottom of the lift is Lydia, the mayor, to complicate things.


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Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

[Country Performances] Three Dwarves – Raphael Bellamy [BB] (1:05)

Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (2:12)

Garden Music – Incompetech (3:03)

Middle Earth: Dawn – Tabletop Audio (4:41)

Hideaway – Vindsvept (6:16)

Sleep – Scott Buckley (6:58)

Sovereign – Incompetech (9:53)

Keeper of the Forest – Vindsvept (10:38)

Into The Unknown – Vindsvept (12:04)

Middle Earth: Dawn – Tabletop Audio (13:51)

[Grasslands] Field in Day – Andri Vakhnenko [BB] (15:40)

Sincerely – Incompetech (21:27)

[Grasslands] Field in Day – Andri Vakhnenko [BB] (24:12)

Lantern’s Lodge – Brandon Fiechter (25:01)

Stables – Tabletop Audio (26:43)

Lantern’s Lodge – Brandon Fiechter (30:13)

[Easy Going Tavern] Crooked Pond Alehouse – Ravi Nidamarthy [BB] (31:42)

Thatched Villagers – Incompetech (35:44)

[Grasslands] Field in Day – Andri Vakhnenko [BB] (37:14)

Medieval Travelers – Derek Fiechter (38:10)

Let Me Fade – Adrian von Ziegler (41:12)

Path to Darkness – Adrian von Ziegler (43:07)

Let Me Fade – Adrian von Ziegler (44:39)

Stables – Tabletop Audio (46:46)

[Easy Going Tavern] Crooked Pond Alehouse – Ravi Nidamarthy [BB] (50:29)

Thatched Villagers – Incompetech (52:08)

[Easy Going Tavern] Crooked Pond Alehouse – Ravi Nidamarthy [BB] (52:52)

Let Me Fade – Adrian von Ziegler (55:12)

Knight’s of The Realm – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (57:34)

Night Without a Star – Adrian von Ziegler (1:00:40)

Unsung Heroes – Vindsvept (1:02:27)

[Easy Going Tavern] Crooked Pond Alehouse – Ravi Nidamarthy [BB] (1:04:28)

Thatched Villagers – Incompetech (1:05:23)

Danse of the Questionable Tuning – Incompetech (1:07:30)

Skye Cuilin – Incompetech (1:08:11)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)


Portions of our background audio is courtesy of Syrinscape. They have a great mixer that we run through our set up while we record to help build the scene during our sessions. If you’re interested in trying out Syrinscape for yourself, they have provided us with a link to a 30 day free trial. These sections all have Syrinscape running in the background:

Bird Songs - 6:11 – 13:54

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