EE-1-5 - Rocking the Boat

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The crew has to deal with the aftermath of Rem harpooning a giant seahorse and bringing it on board. Little did he, or the rest of the party know, these creatures are rarely seen by ships in the area. Though it was food for the ship, it comes with a bittersweet taste and a warning from The Whispering Winds’ boatswain. Rem feels little remorse while the rest of the party feels awful for what they have done. While he rides the high of his catch, Kenina tries to reach out and make amends with Tempest, while Ariel helps out the ship’s cooks prepare vegetables for the night meal.

During the meal, Rem works on serving the crew as much as they are willing to eat and excited talks about the thrill of the catch. Meanwhile Ariel and Kenina try to get through the meal without too much feeling, though Tempest had chosen not to eat. Before night sets over the ship, Rem runs into Gimble, a gnome from the guild who was on their previous adventure but had so far been hidden on the ship. He agrees not to give away Gimbles presence and eventually returns to his shared bunk room, where Ariel confronts him over his attitude.


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This episode, we’d like to give a shout out to D&D Character Lab, a podcast where the two hosts create characters and score them against each other in various criteria they have created. D&D Character Lab is also responsible for us discovering Cantrip Candles, who got a shout out last episode.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Heartbeat (x2) – Jamie Brace (2:06)

Thunderbird – Incompetech (7:27)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (7:27)

Heartbeat – Jamie Brace (11:51)

Moment’s Respite – Vindsvept (15:17)

Ocean/Boat Ambience – Syrinscape (18:10)

Dragon’s Lullabye – Scott Buckley (20:13)

Requiem for the Nameless Dead – Adrian von Ziegler (23:04)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (24:34)

Death Dance – Adrian von Ziegler (25:54)

Ambience – Syrinscape (34:13)

Background Music – Syrinscape (34:48)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (43:20)

Invocation – Scott Buckley (45:18)

Royal Salon – Tabletop Audio (48:11)

Nothing Broken – Incompetech (48:34)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (57:52)

Ossuary 7 – Resolve – Incompetech (59:36)

Burt’s Requiem – Serpent Sound Studios (1:01:26)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)