EE-1-4 - We're On A Boat

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Our adventurers continue their journey at sea. They’re all a bit curious about the oddly bluish-green human, Tempest, they’ve seen aboard the ship and attempt to get to know her better. Kenina and Ariel, in an attempt to be helpful around the ship, ask for Tempest’s help in learning to tie knots, often with little success. Rem, trying to be helpful in his own way, takes up fishing with some borrowed gear on the boat. During one of the days at sea, Kenina decides to join Rem and learn a bit about fishing as well. Unfortunately, things don’t go well for her and she loses a pole overboard, but makes up for it by offering to help with the meal for the night. While cooking she meets a brother and sister whose village was overran by bandits and would like the group to look into it in the future. However, during the next day of fishing, they catch something unexpected.


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Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Thunderbird – Incompetech (3:37)

Master of the Feast – Incompetech (5:19)

Background Ambience – Syrinscape (starting at 5:49)

Thunderbird (cont.) – Incompetech (6:21)

Fallen – Vindsvept (8:53)

Thunderbird (cont.) – Incompetech (9:17)

Music and Ambience - Syrinscape (10:50)

Fallen (cont.) – Vindsvept (12:06)

Master of the Feast – Incompetech (12:37)

Music and Ambience – Syrinscape (13:50)

The Story – SerpentSound Studios (17:07)

Tale of the Fisherman – Derek & Brandon Fietcher (18:06)

Disappointment – Incompetech (20:55)

Music and Ambience – Syrinscape (22:51)

Season Unending – Vindsvept (24:37)

Open Ocean (Ambience) – Tabletop Audio (24:37)

Quirky Lane – Scott Buckley (26:44)

Drums of the Deep – Incompetech (28:11)

Music and Ambience – Syrinscape (34:14)

The Captain’s Inn – Derek & Brandon Fietcher (36:54)

Music and Ambience – Syrinscape (39:59)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (48:34)

Ever Mindful – Incompetech (54:27)

Master of the Feast – Incompetech (58:46)

Davy Jones – Derek & Brandon Fietcher (1:00:42)

Open Ocean – Tabletop Audio (1:03:28)

Heartbeat (x2) – Daemon Sound Studios (1:07:55)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)