EE-1-15 - A Meeting With The King

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This was our first recording session after a long, nearly two month break that we took while Caitlin and Damian finished preparing for their wedding and got married. This are a little crazier than normal because of how long it had been since we last played.

Our band of adventurers makes their way to the king’s pavilion in Starrengeld, looking to find an audience with Lord Elngard himself. After meeting with the king’s advisor, Yodrun, and giving him the note they got from Ulven in the Guild of Jewelers, he takes them back to meet with Elngard.

The party is met with a very old and seeming to be in failing health, dwarf. Elngard take the artifacts from Rem and Kenina and tells them of his daughter, Sylvehd. She had become smitten with one of the craftsmen. When Elngard tried to stop her from seeing a man beneath her status, she decided to run away from home and the city. Elngard had never seen her again, but the bracelet matched bracelets found in her lover’s place when she disappeared, and the painting in the locket was of Sylvehd. Elngard thanks them for the closure he has finally gotten and offers to put the whole party up in one of the most expensive inns in the city, with a generous tab.


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Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Medieval Library – Tabletop Audio (4:08)

Dwarven City – Tabletop Audio (4:54)

Misty Mountains – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (8:19)

Hidden Past – Incompetech (11:45)

Castle of Ruins – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (13:23)

A Cold Presence – Adrian von Ziegler (14:11)

A Cold Presence (cont.) – Adrian von Ziegler (17:32)

Darkness, Beloved – Adrian von Ziegler (21:44)

Sombre – Vindsvept (29:36)

Angel Share – Incompetech (44:52)

High Games – Scott Buckley (49:45)

The Innkeeper – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (54:18)

Immersed – Incompetech (1:04:31)


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