EE-1-14 - Of Jewels and Dragons

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The party takes a night to rest at the first inn in Starrengeld, Lift’s End. Kenina wakes up early and is shortly joined by Tempest outside of the inn to get some of their morning exercises done. After waking up, Rem is more interested in filling his belly than he is training with the girls outside and he waits for everyone else to join him. Ariel wakes up last and spend a few moments to write in her journal about the dream she had last night, where Nina had taken up the mantle of being Doitean’s Rider.

As everyone joins together again for breakfast, they try to come up with a plan for the day, to talk to a jeweler about the artifacts they had brought as well as visit the library to learn more information about the dragon problem back home. Thurin tells the party where the guild square is, where they will find the Jeweler’s Guild, as well as The Guild of Surveyors, which is the closest thing they have to a library. When they reach the guild square, the party decides to split up.

Rem and Kenina go to the Jeweler’s Guild, while Tempest follows Ariel to The Guild of Surveyors. Unfortunately, neither Tempest, nor Ariel, can read Dwarven, so while they are able to look through a few tomes, scrolls, and tablets, they aren’t able to read much of it. One of the books was clearly an anatomy of dragons of some sort, describing their various characteristics and what use some of the components of a dragon may be useful for. They also read through an illuminated scroll that tells of an old Dwarven legend, a battle between Dunatis, god of mountains and Fuar, a white dragon.

At the Jewelers Guild, Rem and Kenina get an audience with the grand master of the guild. However, the information they gain is not in the best light. As Kenina show’s Ulven the bracelet, the mood turns sour and he informs them that they should seek audience with the king immediately. He writes them a note that the party brings news of Bruhm and Sylvehd, before quickly asking them to leave and retiring.

Rem and Kenina rejoin with Ariel and Tempest, where Rem, who can actually read Dwarven, deciphers some of the text they had gotten. The most stand out thing that he finds is a stone tablet, engraved with ten names, each associated with a color, of which Doitean is associated with red. Since they needed to go seek their audience with the king, Ariel consigns the help of the guild to do some research for her since she cannot stay. This episode ends with the party approaching the king’s manor.


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Noah Wizard – Noah is a freelance editor who gave me some very solid advice and tips for my writing. Specifically, I had him help me with editing my first ever short story, Cassien’s Dishonor, which was released originally almost a year ago. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I have not made the most out of the help he had given me, but I felt that what he did was worth well beyond what I paid and blew my expectations out of the water. He spent a night working with me through text chat and a google doc, reading my story and offering comments on the work, and rereading as I made changes to see if I was moving in the right direction. The biggest thing I got from working with Noah, was how to write more narratively for a listener, and less journalistic for the sake of my world.

Ballad of the Seven Dice – You heard us give a shout out to Ballad of the Seven Dice last episode. Well we are doing a new thing now. Shows that we recommend that have a promo will be starting to appear right here in the episode and show notes.  


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Last Stand – Outro

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