EE-1-13 - An Angel in the Mountain

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Our party of Adventurers travels along the lift system from the small village of Staren up to the entrance of the great dwarven city of Starengeld. During this journey, we take a moment to peer into the minds of the individual party members and see how they feel about their current quest.

As they arrive to the top of the lift system, they realize that they haven’t come across any living creatures the whole way, so far they have only seen golems. Slightly worried, they make their way down a tunnel and into the mountain. As they reach the end of the tunnel, they are relieved to hear the sounds of a city located within a massive cavern. As they had been told about in Staren, they find a small tavern called Lift’s End, where they stop to rest before heading into the city proper.

They eat their fill and have a few drinks at the tavern. They take the opportunity to learn a little bit more about both the city across the way, and about the legend of Grimfang the Gnoll. Thurin, the owner of Lift’s End takes a few of them out to see the city, located on a platform, held up by massive pillars in the middle of the open cavern. Here, they learn that the city of Starengeld has many tiers, with thousands of dwarves living and working below where they are staying.

As the night draws to a close, the party retires, and Ariel has a visit from Cossain, her Patron Angel. In this dream, Cossain gives Ariel some more reassurance on her path, but also shows her a vision of a potential future. A future in which Kenina wields Doitean’s Axe for evil, atop a massive red dragon.


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Wander Quest – A Fifth Edition actual play podcast, like us, that is put out by Encounter Roleplay. The podcast starts with a few introductory episodes to help you get to know the characters. This has quickly become one of Christa’s favorite podcasts. She loves the story, the roleplay, the characters, and even some of the NPC’s.

Ballad of the Seven Dice – A Fifth Edition actual play with a very interesting premise to their story. The game itself is set in The Forgotten Realms, the main cannon setting for 5E. However, all of the characters from their own, different realms, and some even seem to come from entirely different times. This story leans on the darker side, and some of the sound effects and descriptions will make you squirm.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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