EE-1-11 - On The Road Again

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After defeating the rest of the gnolls, or so it seems, the party decides it was not a good idea to set up camp where they were. Kenina offers to power through the night while the rest of the group sleeps in the cart. Her time is uneventful, however Rem has another strange dream, continuing where the last left off, but now two large, strange figures stand above him arguing.

As morning comes, the group stops so they can eat and Rem and Kenina can trade places driving and sleeping. Ariel and Tempest go foraging and Tempest catches a rabbit, much to the disappointment of Ariel. After a brief conversation with a traveling ore trader, the group is off once more.

While Kenina sleeps in the cart, she also goes through another one of her dreams. This time, she is in her village, and the large red dragon she has been seeing in her dreams swoops down to offer her power, and encourage her to take the axe. She tries to chase the dragon down but cannot keep up, and finds herself in a forest that hadn’t existed.

In the early afternoon, the group reaches the village of Starren, where Lydia, the mayor, tells them they’ll have to talk about the gnoll encounter.


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This episode, we’d like to give a shout out to Godsfall. Godsfall is a highly produced and well edited actual play podcast set in Aram Vartian’s own homebrew setting. The podcast features a cast of characters who find themselves to be god children and must find a way to save their world from the old gods. This is a podcast that I have described to friends as a mix between an actual play podcast, like our own, and a full blown audio drama. The editing and production work that goes into it is truly amazing and must be heard to be fully appreciated.

In an interesting crossing of the timelines, this is our first time being able to use BattleBards! I learned about BattleBards through Godsfall, since that is where a lot of Aram’s music and sound effects come from. I reached out to them and have been allowed to join their podcaster program. If you would like to bring the new sounds of Adventures in Erylia to you own table, then sign up for BattleBards Prime with the coupon code “Erylia” to get 15% off your subscription. Alternatively, you can click this link to register an account with our code already attached.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Gnome Celebration – Gnomish Battle of the Bands – Rafael Hofstadter (BattleBards) (01:57)

Travel by Horseback – Horse and Carriage on Dirt – Slow Pace – WildDog Productions (BattleBards) (02:48)

Lunara – Adrian von Ziegler (3:49)

The Candle Burns Down… - Adrian von Ziegler (08:15)

Travel by Horseback – Horse and Carriage on Dirt – Slow Pace – WildDog Productions (BattleBards) (9:56)

Never Dying – Scott Buckley (10:00)

Leaving the Dream – Vindsvept (14:12)

Middle Earth: Dawn – Tabletop Audio (17:07)

Magic Forest – Incompetech (26:20)

Keeper of the Forest – Vindsvept (32:02)

Grasslands – Gentle Plains in Day – Alexander Buttsyn (BattleBards) (33:19)

Windswept – Incompetech (34:14)

Travel by Horseback – Horse and Carriage on Dirt – Slow Pace – WildDog Productions (BattleBards) (35:30)

Mill Town – Tabletop Audio (41:53)

Natural World – Major Quake in Shop – Stuart Duffield (42:43)

Dragon Cliffs – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (43:26)

Travel by Beast – Large Dragon – WildDog Productions (BattleBards) (45:38)

Forest of Forgetfulness – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (47:23)

Travel by Horseback – Horse and Carriage on Dirt – Slow Pace – WildDog Productions (BattleBards) (48:11)

Grasslands – Gentle Plains in Day – Alexander Buttsyn (BattleBards) (54:06)

Earthstone Town – Derel & Brandon Fiechter (59:36)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)


Thank you to BattleBards for opening up their effects library for use in the show. You can sign up for your own BattleBards account here which will automatically add our coupon code to your account. Or you can use the coupon code Erylia for 15% off when you subscribe to BattleBards Prime!

Scattered Images Spell – Sutart Duffield

Empowered Lightning Bolt – Marc Cholette

Shortspear Caught on Wooden Shield – WildDog Productions

Mace Strikes Chainmail – Illecevici Serban

Restorative Spell – Pablo Betancourt

Explosive Fireball – Marc Cholette

Sword Strikes Chainmail – Illicevici Serban

Longsword Strikes Wooden Shield – Stuart Duffield

Arrows Strike Nearby – Ravi Nidamarthy

Shortbow Pull – Jean Babptiste

Arrow – Arrow Let Loose – Phil Archer