EE-1-10 - Unfinished Business

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After getting to a safe spot by the lake, the group decides to set up camp for the night, planning to reach the village of Starren the following day. With Rem already passed out in the wagon, Kenina offers to take first watch while Ariel and Tempest share the tent. However, an hour or so into her watch, Kenina thinks she is starting to see shapes. After waking Ariel up, who can see in the dark with her the best, an arrow strikes into the center of their camp. They wake the rest of their companions to prepare for another fight.

They learn an important lesson while arguing over placement and tactics, as two gnolls rush over and under the cart, ambushing the group. Rem slams one into the ground as it leaps off the top of the cart at him, positioning it for him and Tempest to take it out. The other tries to dive under the cart to get Kenina as Ariel rushes around the cart to help her out. Kenina takes out the second gnoll with a different form of fire, lightning!


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This episode, we’d like to give a shout out to Zee Bashew, over on YouTube, for his animated spellbook series. Specifically, we’d like to give props to his Fireball video, which reminded the whole group of our very own Kenina, and she doesn’t even have fireball yet!


Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Tempest


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

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Evening Breeze – Adrian von Ziegler (5:11)

Woodland Campsite – Tabletop Audio (7:34)

Metaphysik – Incompetech (8:49)

Metaphysik – Incompetech (11:24)

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Metaphysik – Incompetech (12:27)

Metaphysik – Incompetech (14:49)

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The Mad Harvester – Vindvsept (17:36)

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Curse of the Scarab – Incompetech (34:06)

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Carriage Journey – Tabletop Audio (1:14:48)

Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)