EE-1-1 - A New Adventure Begins [Remastered]

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Our Erylian Epic campaign begins with the party having returned from their first big mission, to defeat a gathering of goblins and kobolds who had attacked the city of Riven. Rem decides to spend his time catching up on sleep and relaxation while the ladies decide to go out for drinks, performance, and general socializing. Little did he know, Rem would not be getting a good night’s rest as recent events have given him nightmares of the many others who have died around him in the past.

After waking, going through their morning routines, and bathing, complaints from Ariel have led the party to discovering she managed to catch fleas while in the goblin caves. With a few worlds and a wave of his hand, Rem makes short work of them, and everyone heads into the city to do some shopping and prepare for the next adventure before them. They stock up on some more portions, Ariel buys a staff and a new hooded cloak, and Kenina sells a spear to the local blacksmith – The Great Kobold Spear, Slayer of Men.

Upon returning to the Guild Hall, Kenina and Ariel meet with Mistress Gallanodel to help Ariel out with finding an arcane focus. Rem, anxious to get going, gets his bags packed right away, informs the record keeper that the party needs to meet with the guild leaders before they depart, and waits for the rest of the party to return. Nyxi heads up stairs to pack her things and write a short letter. With their individual business out of the way, the party meets up once again for their audience with the guild masters.


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Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Nyxi


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Fimbulwinter – Vindsvept (Intro)

Fare Thee Well – Adrian von Ziegler (2:38)

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Riverbard Tavern – Derek & Brandon Fiechter (7:15)

Back Alley Tavern – Michael Ghelfi (9:05)

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A Very Brady Special – Incompetech (26:16)

Twilight Echo – Scott Buckley (27:28)

A Very Brady Special – Incompetech (28:33)

Twilight Echo – Scott Buckley (29:48)

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Blind Eyes Can See – Dark Fantasy Studio (36:15)

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Last Stand – Vindsvept (Outro)