All Outta Peppermint - A Holiday One Shot

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In early December, the group played a holiday themed one shot, intending to release it around Christmas. It is finally out and you can hear our crazy antics in the game we are calling All Outta Peppermint. This one shot was a way to fill in a session while things were crazy around the holidays. Things start off fairly normal, with our players helping to convince a small town to get ready for the holidays. However, towards the end, things started to go pretty crazy, very silly, and quite weird. We hope you enjoy this other look at a play style for this group of role-players.

Our players have found themselves stranded in the one stop light town of Pleasantdale. Their car has broken down and they end up being taken in by one of the locals. They have noticed a lack of holiday spirit in the town and speaking with this couple reveals that the mayor has banned Christmas. It is up to them to try and bring back Christmas to Pleasantdale!


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This episode we'd like to give a shout out to Michael Sullivan and Jeffrey Grant, the creators of the one page RPG All Outta Bubblegum that this oneshot is based on.


Damian - The DM






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Due to editing taking as long as it did, and not really knowing where I would fit in music like in a normal episode, I chose not to add any music to this episode. Stick around til the end for a couple musical numbers from the group!