Adventures in Erylia is fan funded by listeners like you. We are doing our best to bring you an entertaining show while striving to constantly be improving our audio quality. Some of our expenses include hosting our media files, paying for this website’s hosting, and paying for the artists whose music is used on the show. Those expenses are largely covered by the hosts of the show, but upgrading equipment is a larger upfront cost. During the summer of 2017, the hosts decided to take a more serious approach to the shows quality. We took a short hiatus from creating and releasing episodes while we got together the funds to upgrade from our single Blue Yeti sat in the middle of the table to a Zoom H6 multitrack audio recorder and individual microphones for everyone on the show, the now discontinued Knox Podcasting Mic.

In the year following our return, with the help of money from our supporters on Patreon, as well as gifts from friends and family, all of our microphones have been upgraded as of September 2018. We are now all using Blue enCore 100 microphones. Support from our fans have also allowed us to do things to better the show like buying new editing software and paying for some plugins to make editing easier, but also sound better. You might notice this in Episode 3 of the Erylian Epic, where I had moved from Audacity to Hindenburg Journalist for editing. Another jump in audio quality came a few episodes later in Episode 8 of the Erylian Epic, where I had discovered some new plugins as well as chose to edit more intensely.

If you'd like to contribute to growing our show and making it better, consider joining our Patreon. For only $1 a month, you will gain access to all of our bonus content which includes outtakes from current episodes as well as episodes that were recorded with a Blue Yeti. If you’d really like to show your support for the show, our $5 tier will get you a shout out in our intro, as well as your name on the list of supporters below.

These supporters have gone the extra mile, choosing to donate $5 per month for little more than a shout out from us:

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Below is our current goal for our next big upgrade, a Zoom L-12, a new recorder that also mixes in some of the features that are more standard on a traditional mixer.

New Mixer - Zoom L-12
$0 $600