Adventures in Erylia is fan funded by listeners like you. We are doing our best to bring you an entertaining show while striving to constantly be improving our audio quality. Some of our expenses include hosting our media files, paying for this website’s hosting, and paying for the artists whose music is used on the show. Those expenses are largely covered by the hosts of the show, but some things require a larger budget that we do not have. It is with the support of some generous and dedicated listeners that we have been able to make some upgrades to our equipment and commission artwork for the show. During the first arc of the Erylian Epic, we were able to slowly start upgrading our microphones to the Blue enCore 100. While gearing up for the second arc of the Erylian Epic, we were also able to commission our first art piece, paid for entirely by our listeners.

There are a few things you can do to support the show. If you can’t contribute financially, simply sharing the show and telling people about us is a great way to support us and what we do. If you would like to contribute to the show financially so we can continue to grow the show beyond our means, you can get some bonus content for your support over on our Patreon. A further alternative is joining Battle Bards Prime using the referral code ERYLIA. Not only does our agreement with them allow us to use their songs and sound effects on our show, but people who subscribe using our link for a few months will count towards eventually unlocking groups of songs that we can use.