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A Day of Reward - Erylian Epic Ep 16

After their first meeting with Lord Elngard, the group is put up in a luxurious inn in Starrengeld, The Locket and Key. To make the most of their chance to relax and decompress, the group decides to have a bit of a personal banquette and a spa night. During the time at the spa, the party discovers a little more mystery surrounding one of its members, which creates more questions than it answers.

The next day, the party meets once again with Lord Elngard for lunch in the Solarium of Starrengeld. He once again thanks them for what they have done, and he further rewards them by giving each of them an item he felt matched the personalities he had seen of them the day before. He also gives them a padded box with a cache of healing potions, hoping it will help them in their fight against Grimfang.

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A Meeting With The King - Erylian Epic Ep 15

This session was after a long break away from the mics while Caitlin and I finished preparing for our wedding and got married.

In this episode, our adventurers meet Lord Elngard, the king of Starrengeld. They learn about the items they have been carrying with them ever since the kobold raid. Unfortunately, these items weren’t of cultural significance, but of strong personal significance to the king. After their meeting with the king, to offer his thanks, he boards them at Starrengeld’s finest inn, The Locket and Key, and gives them a generous tab. Though he would like to have lunch with them tomorrow, after he has had some time to process the information they have brought to him.

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Of Jewels and Dragons - Erylian Epic Ep 14

Join the party as they venture in the main section of the City of Starrengeld. They make their way to the guild square where they seek an audience at the Jewelers Guild and the Guild of Surveyors. While speaking to the grandmaster of the Jewelers Guild, they are told they should seek an audience with the king immediately. The Guild of Surveyors acts as a library in Starrengeld and the party learns of a legend about a god and a white dragon. They also find a tablet that includes Doitean’s name on it. Ariel pays the guild to continue researching this topic for her while they make their way to the king’s manor.

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