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Nightwatch - EE - Arc 1

Our Dungeon Master and his players sit around the fire and discuss the first arc of the Erylian Epic. Come join us for our Nightwatch for an open discussion about decisions made, thoughts on the previous arc, and maybe even a few missed or secret things going on in the world around the players. There are some smaller spoilers within this episode for the world of Erylia, but things that would drastically effect player decisions going forward are left secret.

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Nightwatch - Mieveht Arc 1

Our group of ragtag escape convicts have successfully completed a few jobs for Mr. Cassien Nailo, and been unfortunately informed that they must leave the city. As we finish a campaign, all of the players will get around the mics for a special bonus episode, the Nightwatch. During a Nightwatch episode, we recap the previous arcs events and there is an open conversation between the players and the Dungeon Master about things that may have been missed or overlooked. It also gives the players a chance to ask the DM why he may have made some of the decisions he made or how certain things fit into the story, or if they were completely made up on the spot.

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