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Good Deeds To Be Done - Erylian Epic - Arc 2 - Episode 1

Our hiatus is over and we are back with our first episode of the new arc for the Erylian Epic! Our show pans back over to Rem, Ariel, Kenina, and Tempest as they leave the city of Starrengeld on their journey back to Port Norsal. They debate the merits of checking on the Grimfang problem and discuss doing a favor for the mayor of Starren. 

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Sunshine and Curiosities - Mieveht Story - Arc 2 - Episode 6

The party has finally made it out of the sewers! They meet a nice tiefling woman named Cazivel who offers to sell them any last minute items that might need if she has them. Then she informs them of their new mission. Not only are they leaving the city of Mieveht, they have been assigned a new task to delivery a mysterious item to Sinah Nightmoon in Rhodes.

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