A Look At The Past - Mieveht Story - Arc 2 - Episode 7


This is a bit of a special episode. As we have wrapped up the second arc of the Mieveht Story, we take a look back at the past of each character. This episode includes three scenes from each character’s backstory to help give some insight into the type of person they are, why they make some of the choices they make, and what some of their ultimate goals are. We hope you have enjoyed this arc of the Mieveht Story. Our next release will be the Nightwatch that was recorded live with our Discord audience. Announced during that and a heads up now, we will be on a brief hiatus during August. August is a very full month for us and we didn’t have time to have content ready to release while we are away.


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We have got to give a huge shout out to Tabletop Audio and BattleBards for this episode. All of the musicians who let us use their music are wonderful and we couldn't make the show we do without them. But in this episode specifically, the background ambiance that they provided really helped with setting the scene for each piece of backstory.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Sug

Christa - Willow

Chantalle - Chalul

Caitlin - Lassair


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Marked – Serpent Sound Studios (Intro)

[Churches of Good] In Service to the Good – Olivier Daubry [BB] (01:02)

Carriage Journey – Tabletop Audio (02:00)

Teller of Tales – Incompetech (02:13)

[Grasslands] Gentle Plains in Day – Alexander Buttysynov [BB] (02:34)

Einherjer – Adrian von Ziegler (03:01)

Hermit Hut – Tabletop Audio (05:16)

[Orc Feast] Ritual of Strength – Stefano Vita [BB] (05:57)

Dwarven City – Tabletop Audio (09:09)

Forest: Night – Tabletop Audio (11:36)

[Fantasy Events] Barbarians Attack Village – Wes Otis [BB] (12:20)

One – Adrian von Ziegler (12:36)

Medieval Town – Tabletop Audio (13:31)

Middle Earth: Dawn – Tabletop Audio (17:02)

The Desert Awaits – Tabletop Audio (17:23)

[Ancient Chamber] The Final Portal – Cesar Pineda [BB] (18:05)

Swamplandia – Tabletop Audio (19:51)

Gathering Darkness – Incompetech (20:51)

[Swamp] Swamplands in Day – Filippo Buresta [BB] (23:13)

Woodland Campsite – Tabletop Audio (23:19)

Goblin’s Cave – Tabletop Audio (24:47)

[Echoes of the Past] The Past Whispers – Phil Archer [BB] (25:49)

[Swamp] Swamplands in Day – Filippo Buresta [BB] (28:01)

Woodland Campsite – Tabletop Audio (29:03)

Dark and Stormy – Tabletop Audio (30:35)

Lunara – Adrian von Ziegler (31:35)

Medieval Library – Tabletop Audio (32:01)

Dawn of Fate – Adrian von Ziegler (33:35)

Medieval Town – Tabletop Audio (35:02)

Ethelo-iel – Adrian von Ziegler (36:49)

Behind the Sword – Serpent Sound Studios (Outro)