Thank You Patrons! - The Erylian Epic Party

Erylian Epic Party.jpg

We cannot thank our patrons enough. Last month the savings from our Patreon earnings allowed us to do something epic. We commissioned our first art piece! So thank you to everyone who has supported us and continues to do so. We are super happy with how this turned out.

I can’t remember the first time I saw DJ’s work, but a long time ago I had seen one of his pieces on Reddit and I fell in love with the work of the Sketch Goblin. I knew that being able to get artwork done was a far off dream. A lot has gone into the creation of the show and having money for art was just not going to happen on my own. That was where our lovely patrons have come in. I have been fine fronting the cost of the show, but support from our friends and listeners has allowed us to do things beyond that scope. Originally, their support bought us a couple of our Blue enCore 100s, and now it has allowed us to have art created for the characters. Of course, now that the Erylian Epic party is done, we have our eyes set on having the party from the Mieveht Story commissioned as well, which will take some time again.

Working with DJ was great and we hope to work with him in the future and have no problems with giving a hearty recommendation to anyone looking for character art.

If you would like to join some amazing people in supporting the show and helping us do things outside of our normal capabilities, like commissioning more art, consider joining our Patreon. For only $1 per month, you will gain access to all of our bonus content like outtakes, maps, and behind the scenes updates. If you’re still not sure, check out some of our sample content to give you an idea of what you’ll gain access to.