Project Deios - Phase Four Revealed - Portals

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Project Deios Phase Four has now been revealed. I thought that things could keep getting bigger after they revealed the ability to create whole world maps, but they’ve done it. As our adventurers travel the world, we will able to take them to new planes through Portals.

Credit - Project Deios,  Ishutan i, and  Shahab Alizadeh

Credit - Project Deios, Ishutani, and Shahab Alizadeh

Though every reveal so far has had an accompanying video, the bulk of the reveal has been through the text and images. However, this week, we have a pretty lengthy video in the reveal, so there will be an embed of the video at the bottom of this post with an overview of the discussion. The primary content that the Planes reveal focuses on is the future release of new sets of assets. While Deios will start off with more generic fantasy assets, fitting of the prime material plane, in the future there will be sets for other notable planes of existence which can either be blended in to existing maps or be used to create entire campaign maps on of their own. These new planes will feature assets, biomes, textures, color palettes, and buildings.

Credit - Project Deios

Credit - Project Deios


To make sure that previous work for world builders and map makers does not go to waste, Deios will also feature a way to import your old maps. Unfortunately, but also not unexpectedly, these maps will only be able to be imported to be used as a background so that you have an on screen reference for recreating your map within Deios. Hopefully they will be able to sort out some sort of heightmap import as well so that we can at least avoid having to recreate the landmasses. I am thankful for this because I have previously put a lot of work into making a map, but am looking forward to giving Deios a shot at recreating it. Aside from the map import for background images, we will also be able to import in assets for use within Deios as well. I personally have not used assets that weren’t stock to the program I was using, but I know others have and I am sure this would have been a deal breaker if it didn’t work. If you are looking for assets, I recommend checking out 2MinuteTabletop and Cartography Assets, both are places on my radar for when I dive into new assets for myself.

Credit - Project Deios

Credit - Project Deios

Though we have only gotten the smallest of tastes for what Deios plans to do to bring different planes into the toolset, it is clear that they plan to make the Feywild one of the first. If there are other planes that you would like to see, be sure you let them know!

Credit - Project Deios

Credit - Project Deios

We have now gone past the easy parts for early reveals. The early unlock for this week’s reveal was a riddle, and the new early unlock will not be any simpler. If you wish to join us “Treasure Hunters” then make sure to check out the Project Deios homepage and take a shot at this week’s early unlock challenge. Don’t forget to come join us in the DungeonFog Discord to chat about Deios, including the early reveal if you can crack the code.

This week we have a long video featuring Till from DungeonFog and Mark from Caeora tossing questions back and forth to tell us a bit more about what Deios will bring. To be clear, this is not a transcript and these are not to be taken as direct quotes. I am paraphrasing the responses.

Mark - What do portals mean?

Through previous updates, we know that there will be various types of maps going all of the way from world maps down to city and battle maps. These maps are already being built to be linked together, as demonstrated in the landmarks feature. Since the linking structure already exists, it makes sense to allow linking into new world maps. This link would allow it to be possible to tie together multiple worlds (planes).

Till - What excites you most about the concept of different planes?

Maps are an inherently visual thing. You can see scale and shape, but importantly you can also see the theme and setting in a map. In popular media, the idea of moving between planes or worlds is everywhere. We see the idea of other worlds existing and traveling to them heavily in D&D, but we also see it in other settings like in super hero films or in scifi franchises. Tackling the idea of going to other worlds is not something that is something that will be unique to Deios.

Mark - Can you mix the different biomes together?

Mixing biomes and assets together is important to have possible. Being stuck with a single planes biome would be too restricting on world builders. This can help blend together influence from other planes and worlds. The Feywild is known for being close enough to the material plane that the two will blend together in certain areas. This can also help further flavor an area. If you have a forest near a volcano and the volcano erupts, changing the theme for the forest biome over to the one for the plane of fire can help illustrate the devastation caused by the eruption.

Mark - Can you create your own biomes?

On the simple side of things, you can import custom assets, something that many world builders and cartographers will already have a library of can be used within Deios as well. However, when it comes to the way the actual biome tool works, things are more complex. The way the tool creates a biome is by mixing together various layers. At the bottom, there is a texture for the floor of the biome, followed by the assets that define the outline of the biome, followed by a shading asset that helps seal off the biome, with some single assets then mixed in on the top for variation. The ground and cover textures are simple enough to allow customization. It is uncertain right now if it will be possible to allow customization of the outline and border of the biome, but hopefully it can be made possible in the future.

Till - Will planes be limited to fantasy planes and settings?

No. Though fantasy has been the primary setting used for examples and the word planes has a very fantasy feel to it, there are plans for scifi, cyberpunk, skyscraper cities, and post-apocalyptic genres as well. These different genres will have their own types of biomes and it will be possible to blend the various planes together, even if they seem completely opposed, like mixing cyberpunk with the Feywild. DungeonFog has also already been working on adding assets to their own tool and are familiar with polling the community to figure out where their tool is lacking that people would like to see more of. This is a pretty big hint that people who are interested in and excited for project Deios have the opportunity to help shape it’s direction by getting involved in these early stages.

Till - What plane would you like to do first?

If the art moodboard art above isn’t enough of a hint, the Feywild. Everyone involved with the project thinks the Feywild is iconic enough and diverse enough that it will be a great first addition to the planar settings. The Feywild is also known for being a bit on the weirder side which will give them a lot of room to add in pops of color and weirdness that will be able to be utilized for many other settings. Figuring out how to add a new biome as strange as the Feywild will also help them figure out the workflow for creating entirely new biomes from a technical code aspect. However, especially after the E3 trailer for it, Mark is pretty excited for a cyberpunk/scifi setting as well.