Sunshine and Curiosities - Mieveht Story - Arc 2 - Episode 6


As the party climbs up the ladder to finally leave the sewer system after a long and arduous journey, they are greeted by a very pleasant tiefling woman. Cazivel owns a small shop near the center of Mieveht’s Cyriin district that sells trinkets for travelers, but also a few magical items. After a moment of trying to buy some of her magical goods, Chalul being the only one successful with an Alchemy Jug, she starts getting them ready for their job.

It is made clear to the group that this job isn’t just cover for leaving the city, they are doing a real job for her, and by association, for Cassien as well. She hands over travel papers and contracts to Willow, as well as a letter that they were told is to remain unopened until they find Sinah Nightmoon in the town of Rhodes. After their cart is loaded and they are ready to go, she gives them their final piece of cargo, a medium sized box which she places within a secret compartment of the cart.

As the cart makes its way down the streets, Willow happens to notice a wanted poster, with likenesses that could match them and others. Some are crossed off, and it is clear the bounty is 1000 gold per head. She informs Chalul who happens to spot another. How safe are they leaving?


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Damian - The DM

Chris - Sug

Christa - Willow

Chantalle - Chalul

Caitlin - Lassair


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[Visions of Destiny] Mists of Change – Odysseas Tolios [BB] (41:23)

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[Visions of Destiny] Mists of Change – Odysseas Tolios [BB] (42:42)

Stables – Tabletop Audio (45:19)

Carriage Journey – Tabletop Audio (46:20)

Echoes of Time – Incompetech (52:15)

Behind the Sword – Serpent Sound Studios (Outro)