Adventurer's Guide to Theria, Mieveht Arc 2 Nightwatch, Blog Revival, Interesting Landmarks - Behind the Screen 5-6-19

Hello Adventurers and welcome to your peak behind the screen for May 6th 2019. Usually, I try to do this about once every 3 months, and you might notice that this one is a little bit early. Well, we’ve already built up some news to get out, and some of it is a bit time sensitive. There is a kickstarter going right now for The Adventurers Guide to Theria - Volume 1 - Ellara that I am extremely excited about. I want to talk about the Nightwatch for the second arc of the Mieveht Story. I am trying to get more writing done for the blog. And to send things off, I will be answering a question from one of our Patrons.

You’ve heard their promo on our show. You may have seen them in our recommended page. But here’s something you probably don’t know, I actually cite a lot of my inspiration for creating the world of Erylia and starting the podcast to Dungeons and Randomness. Dungeons and Randomness is a very long running podcast with a massive backlog. They feature a huge cast, now running three separate groups, sharing a consistent story in the same world. This brings us to the kickstarter. Dungeons and Randomness is working on a setting book for the land of Ellara in the world of Theria, their homebrew setting. The book is already funded and they are currently working their way through a bunch of fun stretch goals to further expand the book.

This book is gorgeous, and if you would like to see it for yourself, they have generously provided a free preview, which you can find in the kickstarter campaign or linked in the show notes for this episode. The preview is already formatted, filled with art, and could easily stand alone as its own book.Did I mention, the preview is 64 pages?! They have clearly put a lot of time and thought into getting this book ready to print. Really, you should have already paused this by now and went to look at the preview for yourself, but if you need more convincing, I have written a blog post reviewing the preview and going over what is included. Check the show notes for a link to the kickstarter, the preview, and today’s blog post.

Now that you’ve gone and backed the kickstarter for The Adventurer’s Guide to Theria, let’s get on to some Adventures in Erylia news. You may have noticed that since Arc 2 of The Mieveht Story has started, our releases have gone back to being consistent. If you noticed this, it also means you probably noticed that period of a few months where, well, not much was coming out. I got into a bit of a slump when it came to editing, but I have really been working to get things back on track and keep us consistent once again. However, even though we were not releasing episodes, the cast of Erylia was still having a good time getting together to play some good ol’ Dungeons and Dragons. All of this is to say, we have actually already finished recording the entire upcoming arc for the Mieveht Story. In case you had missed it in a previous announcement, now that both stories have been introduced, the plan is to run shorter arcs in hopes of moving back and forth between the two stories more frequently.

We would love it if, while you listen along to our new releases, you send any questions or thoughts that you have to with Nightwatch in the subject line. We have not yet recorded the Nightwatch and do not intend to until the arc is close to being fully released. If you send in your thoughts we will try to work them in to that episode, as well as attempt to answer any questions that you might have as a listener. It would be great if, going forward, the Nightwatch can include you, the listener, just as much as it includes the cast.

I’m sure you already went through and read that blog post for the Dungeons and Randomness kickstarter. Did something seem a bit odd about it? Maybe that you were reading a blog post on the Adventures in Erylia website? Didn’t I kill that off like a year ago? Well you’re right, I did fade out the blog almost exactly one year ago from the date I post this Behind the Screen. If you have been in our Discord (hint hint, join our Discord,, you might have noticed a huge focus from me recently on creating content as Adventures in Erylia. Aside from keeping on top of new episodes, I have been working to revive the blog in the past month. The last two releases have released alongside a separate blog post detailing decisions made as a Dungeon Master within the most recent episode. I may not always have specific thoughts to talk about like I have in recent weeks, but I am intending to try and create at least one new blog post per month. If you have something specific you would like me to talk about, reach out to us. You can send us an email to, you can find us on Twitter under @EryliaPod, or you can join our Discord (seriously, we love having new people in our Discord) at

We will send things off with something new I am going to do in these Behind the Screen segments. I asked our Patreon supporters on Discord what question they would like me to answer about Erylia, or something they would like to know about the world. Lucas asked - “What are some interesting and dangerous landmarks in Erylia?”

First of all, Lucas, thank you so much for supporting us on Patreon. As for interesting and dangerous landmarks? Well, I’ll start of with some honesty, while I have broad concepts and some high level maps sketched up for the rest of the world, Syvahl is the only continent I have done some extensive world building on, so these answers are reflective of that. I’ve decided on 3 different landmark like things. These are more like large areas, but I feel they are definitely interesting, dangerous, and even a little mysterious. This is a little taste for these areas, maybe I will expand upon one with more detail in a future Behind the Screen.

We have Tel Vashiir. Tel Vashiir is a giant rock that floats above a massive oasis in the middle of Syvahl. However Tel Vashiir isn’t just a giant rock. There is a small city build on the top of Tel Vashiir. Tel Vashiir is known as the City of Mages. It is the largest concentration of magic in all of known Erylia and is dedicated to the study of all magic in the world. Near the south western coast of Syvahl, an area exists that is known as The Plaguelands. Legend tells that this area became what it is as the result of a very powerful ritual going wrong. The Plaguelands is an area, hundreds of square miles, where life has been drained from the very land. Trees have dried and withered, grass has been turned to dust, and whatever creatures have survived are twisted forms of what they once were. Whatever happened also completely severed the city of Alderick from the rest of the Syvahl’s civilization. On the other side of Syvahl, miles off the eastern coast,lies an ever present fog bank known as The Mists. No one knows what lies inside of The Mists. Most ships brave or stupid enough to sail into them, are never seen again. A few have returned though, however whatever lies inside has driven them utterly insane. Not a word spoken by someone who ventures into The Mists and returns should be trusted.

Thank you for listening. This has been a dive Behind the Screen. Your way to learn some of the inside news for what is going on with Adventures in Erylia. We will be back next week with a new episode of The Mieveht Story and in a few months with another look Behind the Screen.