A Bargain With Red Tusk - Mieveht Story - Arc 2 - Episode 5


Having given themselves over to a group of bandits who have claimed the area they are trying to get through, the party has a meeting with the bandit leader, a full blooded orc named Red Tusk. Red Tusk gives them the option of bartering for their lives. He makes little comment as the members of the party give up some weapons and coin, except when one member tries to get ahead by claiming the others are giving fake coins. After giving the party a few chances to add to their bounty, without any hint if they are close enough, he reveals that their lives were worth 300 gold to him and let’s them be escorted away from the Red Band’s Lair.

Tough it might be expected that the party is home free now, one of them decides to sling a last minute insult at their escort, creating more conflict. Though they manage to work things out enough to leave, there is unfinished business that must be attended to in the future. However, they have finally reached their destination.


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– A bit of a note regarding this show. Unfortunately in the time since I got this promo to using it in the show, the show seems to have faded out. I’m pretty sad about this and hope that Arthur does return with more episodes. If you give it a listen because of this, reach out and let him know!


Damian - The DM

Chris - Sug

Christa - Willow

Chantalle - Chalul

Caitlin - Lassair


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Marked – Serpent Sound Studios (Intro)

Healing – Incompetech (02:00)

Intervention – Scott Buckley (06:05)

[Sewers] Creepy Sewers – Adam Waleszynski [BB] (08:14)

Stoovar – Serpent Sound Studios (13:09)

Lost Frontier – Incompetech (13:22)

Syrinscape (17:26)

[Orc Feast] Joining the Hoard – Novak Cuic (21:07)

[Sewers] Creepy Sewers – Adam Waleszynski [BB] (22:43)

Our First Steps – Jamie Brace (Daemon Studios) (25:11)

Stoovar – Serpent Sound Studios (30:21)

Dungeon I – Tabletop Audio (33:47)

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Dungeon I – Tabletop Audio (52:44)

Stomp Dance – Incompetech (1:00:17)

Dungeon I – Tabletop Audio (1:03:41)

Ritual – Incompetech (1:08:07)

Behind the Sword – Serpent Sound Studios (Outro)