A Gift, A Promise, and A Goodbye - Mieveht Story - Arc 2 - Episode 1


This episode kicks off the second arc of the Mieveht Story. We rejoin Sug, Willow, Chalul, and Las as they begin to make their way outside of the city of Mieveht.

As the sun begins to set and things die down in The Bannered Mare, the groups current hide out, they are retrieved by Victor Gold, a halfling man who seems to be connected to Cassien. Victor escorts them through his establishment into the basement where they go through a secret door into the network of tunnels below the streets of the city. As they leave, he directs a couple of them to grab a wheel barrow filled with bedding and a sack filled with… questionable goods.

Shortly after entering the tunnel network, the group is met by a mysterious man standing in the pathway ahead of them. It turns out to be Cassien, who has come to give a final farewell to the people responsible for saving his daughter. He gives each member of the party a parting gift as they start their journey.

After traveling through the network of sewer tunnels, Victor stops to let the group know that the items he asked them to carry are some sort of toll for passage through this area. It is after this that they meet Scarecrow and his gang of fellow ratfolk. Though the typically agreed upon payment has been delivered, and is even in better quality than usual, Scarecrow informs Victor and the rest of the party that they will need a little extra to let them pass safely. A few members of Scarecrows gang appear to have gotten some sort of disease and have gone feral. He expects the group to take care of them.

This session was recorded as live stream during Extra Life so there are some little hiccups that were a result of that that hopefully aren’t too noticeable.


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Damian - The DM

Chris - Sug

Christa - Willow

Chantalle - Chalul

Caitlin - Las


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Foreboding – Adrian von Ziegler (intro)

(BattleBards) Orc Feast – Joining the Horde – Novak Cuic (01:28)

(BattleBards) Vestige of Eons – The Fields of Netheril – Mike Bridge (02:39)

(BattleBards) Lizardfolk – Lizardmen Dine – Pete Chapman (03:57)

(BattleBards) Human Metropolis – Fantasy Metropolis Market (05:39)

Fare Thee Well – Adrian von Ziegler (07:08)

Royal Salon – Tabletop Audio (09:28)

(Plate Mail Games) Nighttime Medieval City – Wes Otis (12:52)

Syrinscape (17:55)

Path to Darkness – Adrian von Ziegler (22:08)

Sewers – Tabletop Audio (23:36)

Catacombs – Adrian von Ziegler (38:38)

Sewers – Tabletop Audio (41:02)

Syrinscape (43:30)

Vanishing – Incompetech (45:57)

Dungeon I – Tabletop Audio (49:26)

Intervention – Scott Buckley (1:03:28)

As The Smoke Clears – Vindsvept (Outro)


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·        Doors and Portals – Secret Stone Door Opens – Ravi Nidamarthy