Blog Rework/Revival - With A New Segment!

Hello Adventurers!

It’s been… a while… since I wrote anything up on the ol’ blog. Honestly, with everything else I work on, it was pretty difficult to maintain writing anything for the blog, which kind of snowballed. The blog would go a while without anything, so I’d feel like I should come up with something to write, then I’d feel pressured, and ultimately I’d do nothing. Then, after a while, it had been so long that while doing some stuff around the website one day, I just decided to slide it off to the side and forget about it. Well while working on editing the last session, I kind of got some inspiration for a blog series.

Now, effectively, I had already killed off the blog, so I then had to think about how I wanted to go about getting this out on the website. I could put the old blog section back into the navigation for the website, but I was already trying to cut that down a bit. Then it occurred to me, as I sat down to work out how I wanted to do this, I already have a blog I could write it in. Right here. In the “Podcast” section. All of the website posts for the podcast are part of a blog. So why not just add it as a new category and set of tags here? And that’s what I’m going to do.

The hope is, that having it mixed into the podcast entries, I won’t feel so burdened by it. As long as I am continuing to post episodes, I will have new content within the blog section, so I won’t feel like it’s not worth having. And really, any blog post I make on this website should be related to the podcast anyways, so it makes sense to keep it under the same section. I’ve already got the structure set up to link to different categories within the blog, so if you’re looking for something specific, you can just go straight to that category in the drop down. There is still some back work I need to do to make this coexist better together, and I am not sure if I will move all of the old posts over, but this will be the blogs new home. And hey, if you’ve got any suggestions for things you’d like to see in a blog, give me some feedback and I can try to add to this.

So that’s a lot of preamble to essentially say I am going to try and bring the blog back, but what is it that inspired me to do so? Introducing:

Things We Got Wrong

We aren’t perfect, and while we do try to stick largely to the rules – or use intentional homebrew – sometimes, a bad call will be made by the DM in the moment. Usually, it is while editing that I come across these things and try to spend more time looking into them. If you notice we got a rule wrong – feel free to reach out to us on our Discord or at Even if it was something intentional, it gives me the chance to make sure I state that the way we are doing something is, in fact, a house rule.

In this week’s episode (MS-2-2), while going over critical damage with Sug, he mentions that as a half orc, he gets an extra 1d6 to his critical damage. This comes from the half orc trait Savage Attacks. I incorrectly told him that I thought he would actually get 2d6. In the moment, I was thinking about how rogues get to double their sneak attack dice. Upon listening back, I realized that this would make no sense. A half orc only receives this extra die when scoring a critical hit. Also, in the direct wording – it says this single extra die is added to the extra damage from the critical – hinting that this extra die is separate from the initial critical damage. Ultimately, I do not think this had any adverse effect on combat, but it is something I plan to keep in mind for in the future.

Also, a note about critical damage for my campaign. I know there are dozens of different ways to handle critical damage. Per the rules, on a critical hit, you roll the damage dice twice, then add the ability modifier as normal. In my game, I follow the same rule of rolling damage dice twice, however I also have the players add double their modifier. I feel like this strikes a nice balance between the randomness of the dice, without having quite as big of a let down from rolling all 1’s.

A couple notes about this segment - I am using D&D Beyond links to rules/sections and will do so going forward, as that is a service we use. Also, if you join our Discord, you could get in on some of the conversations that add to this segment. Chris and I were discussing this flub in our episode discussion channel after the episode came out.