Arc Recap - Mieveht Story - Rescuing Xanphia


 Join Damian, the DM, as he recaps the events of the last arc of the Mieveht Story - Rescuing Xanphia. This episode condenses down over 12 hours of released audio into a 20 minute segment to get you all caught up before the next arc begins. 

If you need a recap of events before this arc listen to the Mieveht Story Prologue. If you'd like to read the script for this episode instead of listen, you can find it below.


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Full Script

Hello Adventurers. The Adventures in Erylia Mieveht Story is about to begin it’s second arc. Whether you just need a refresher from the previous arc, or you are just jumping in today and want to quickly get caught up on the story so far, we’ve got a recap for you. Even if you are a regular listener to our show, I strongly recommend listening through to the end, there is something special for a listener new and old.

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The Mieveht Story follows a half orc named Sug, a tabaxi named Willow, a lizardfolk named Chalul, and a halfling named Lassair. If you’d like to know more about their origins, listen to our Mieveht Story prologue at, all one word.

After successfully completing a job for Lord Cassien Nailo, he calls another meeting with the party. During this meeting, Cassien reveals that his daughter has gone missing and asks if they are willing to help him find her and bring her back home safely. He gives some minor leads - knowing that she had previously been arrested for stealing some rare herbs, and that she has been known to visit the undercity. Cassien believes that his daughter has taken an unsanctioned job and something has gone awry. The party are new members to his organization, not even fully fledged and mostly in the dark about the man they are working for, so he believes that they can get in contact with people who would shy away from senior members of his organization.

The party decides to seek out the help of a man named Brit, who many of them had met previously while attending Lord Ezerai’s Gala on their previous job for Cassien. Cassien makes a comment about Brit seeming to work for a dwarf known as “The Barron”. It seems that Cassien knows some things about The Barron but declines to comment on them further, stating that it is not his place. Before heading out, they decide to complete some last minute errands with some of the local shops. Unfortunately, some shenanigans between Willow and Chalul nearly land Willow back in jail and she is forced to relinquish some hidden health potions to Chalul in order to calm things down.

Sug stops by an alchemist up the street to try and get a further lead on someone who may be connected to Xanphia, as well as reserve some items for when he can return with more money. He also stops by the local blacksmith to see if they can make him a new harness for his scabbards. Willow, Las, and Chalul head to the leatherworker so Willow can collect some garter belts for her throwing knives that she had commissioned a few days before. Chalul also purchases some leatherworking tools of his own as well as a nice single piece of leather. With their errands out of the way, the party meets back and makes their way to The Barron’s estate.

They arrive as the weather takes a turn for the worse and request an audience with Brit from one of the gate guards. Brit suggests that they head to a tavern near The Barron’s to have their initial discussion. During their lunch, the party carefully navigates a conversation with him, trying to see if he is familiar with the undercity at all without giving away too much information about who they are working for or why, only that they owe some favors. Brit agrees and they all make their way back to The Barron’s Estate so that Brit can prepare for the journey to the Undercity.

After making his preparations and returning to the cart, Brit questions if the rest of the group is planning to stop and making preparations for themselves. The party debates if it is wise to allow Brit to find out who they are working for, but ultimately decide that that is safer than heading into The Commons and the Undercity with the money and items they have on them, so they have the cart take them to Cassien’s house. Once there, they speak with Cassien’s butler, Jeff, and ask if he can ptu some of their things away for safe keeping while they are out working. Leaving behind a significant portion of their gold, the party continues their way to The Commons to meet with one of Brit’s contacts.

Though the trip is made significantly faster by hiring a cart, things come to a halt as they reach the gate into The Commons itself. The driver refuses to bring them anywhere inside of The Commons, forcing them to walk through the city streets the rest of the way. Though they draw a bit of attention to themselves, the fact that they are armed and in a group prevents them from getting into any sort of conflict as they make their way to The Rat’s Tail, a small bar owned by Brit’s friend, Shifty the Tabaxi.

Brit rents out Shifty’s back room so the party has somewhere private to wait for things to die down in the bar and Shifty can let them into the Undercity. However, Sug disagrees with the idea of sitting down and just waiting around and decides to speed things up. He pays Shifty more than what he could make in a night to close the bar early and begins kicking people, going so far as to physically throw a drunk patron into the streets. Shifty lets everyone into a small room in the back of The Rat’s Tail and down a ladder which takes them into the sewers.

With Brit’s help, the party is able to easily navigate the sewer tunnels to find the underground settlement known as the Undercity. After paying their toll to enter the settlement, Brit take the party to his contact, an orc named Gell. Gell, who is noticeably upset with Brit for bringing outsiders to his home, wants no part in the search for Cassien’s daughter and informs them that there definitely hasn’t been a cult hiding deeper in the sewer with clear instructions on how to get to where the cult isn’t hiding. The party leaves Brit behind to pay whatever he owes Gell for the information, plus the cost of bringing strangers to his home and begins heading towards where the cult definitely isn’t hiding.

As they leave, it appears that they may have gotten some other unwanted attention. Sug notices that they are being followed and asks Las to peel off and get behind their pursuers. Chalul is focused on the path ahead and doesn’t realize the split up or that Sug and Willow have slowed down. Their followers take the small split up as their chance to attack. A brief fight ensues between four low life thugs and the party. One of the thugs realizes they are outmatched after two of them are easily killed and takes off back into the crowd. Sug attempts to knock out the last, the one who seemed to be the leader, however while the others were searching the bodies, Chalul bit off one of the leaders fingers, which was just enough to push him over the edge.

With their attackers dispatched, and no one else trying to interfere with them, the party continues making their way deeper into the sewers, away from the settlement that is the Undercity. Most of their path is quiet, but at one point the party is ambushed by a couple of smaller ochre jellies. The oozes were quickly handled by them, but they were still startled by them dropping onto them from the ceiling. A little ways after the oozes, they hear voices traveling up the path from in front of them.

As they stop to listen, they hear a group of many people having what seems to be a heated discussion about an unnamed girl:

“What was she even doing down here?”

“Why did she have components for our ritual on her?”

Willow sneaks up ahead enough to see the group talking and sees eight robed figures in a small room ahead. She informs the party and they quickly and quietly formulate a plan for attack and make their move.

During this epic fight, the party encounters their first spell casters, two of the seemingly higher ranked cult members. At one point Sug is dropped down to one knee and only manages to remain conscious due to his race’s natural endurance. The party manages to end the fight, though two of the cult members took their chance to escape down a ladder deeper into the sewers. They decide that they have gone through too much to give chace right away and needed a moment to rest. They set up an alarm at the base of the ladder in case the cultists decide to come back and take some time to rest and investigate the bodies.

The cloaks were embroidered with a silver sword surrounded by arcane runes. They also find a couple silver amulets and ornate wavy daggers - though none of them know what the symbols are connected to. Chalul manages to find some unknown herbs, and a vial of what appears to be ground silver dragon scales, which he knows are a very rare and expensive ritual component.

During their short time resting before continuing on, they decide to take a closer look at the items they had gathered from the dead cultists. They discover that the silver sword amulets are slightly magical. Chalul spends some time going over the components and strongly believes that these cultists are attempting a ritual to form a bond with something and become warlocks in a similar fashion to what he did, though their method is different.

Having taken some time to catch their breath, the party decides to head down the ladder, even deeper into the sewer tunnels. A trickle of water leads them to the northwest down what seems to be a straight pathway with many side passages joining to it. From one of these side passages, they are attacked by some giant rats and engulfed in a swarm of rats. The close quarters make this fight harder than it usually would be, but they manage to kill and scare off the rats to continue onward. The path ends abruptly at a wall, but they notice that the water hits the wall and splits to either direction, allowing them to continue. As they enter the room, they notice voices coming from the other side of this break wall and the sound of water falling to yet another level below. They also hear Cassien’s daughter Xanphia, who is chained to the wall behind them as they enter, beg for help.

Sug readies himself near one of the entrances where the voices are coming from while Willow, Las, and Chalul prepare to free Xanphia from her chains. Sug takes the opportunity to listen in on the conversation in the next room and hears two voices, a man and a woman.

“You know it’s personal, right? I chose her for a reason. You’d understand if you spent more time on the surface.”

After freeing Xanphia, the rest of the group starts heading back the way they came while Sug stays behind for a moment to make sure they can get away safely, as well as continue eavesdropping.

“She’s too young to remember. But her father used to live in our city. The way her left was not on good terms. His wife died and he didn’t want to raise his daughter with the same dangers. He was an important man. He was on the council. Things were not good when he left.”

Not wanting to risk being caught, and having heard enough, Sug makes his way to join up with the party again. Though they hear noises from strange creatures along the way, they manage to make it back to the ladder unimpeded. Things seem fine until Las hears footsteps approaching the room with the ladder that they had come down previously. As the footsteps enter the room in front of them, the party sees two more cultists, who take notice of them as well. Another fight breaks out, but the party vastly out numbers this group of cultists now and makes short work of them. Almost as a parting shot from the depths of the sewers, a dire rat lunges at Chalul, as he is the last person to climb the ladder.

Having Xanphia with them now, the party wastes no time in making their way back to the surface. As they make their way through the Undercity settlement, they briefly consider if they should stop and make sure Brit is okay, but it is decided that he is more familiar down here than they are and getting Xanphia to safety is a priority. Thankfully for the rest of the party, Xanphia is familiar with travel through these tunnels and is able to lead them out to the surface once again.

Travelling back through The Commons, now at night, proves easy enough. However, at one point a couple vagrants approach the party. The more intoxicated one propositions the ladies of the party. Realizing that lines have been crossed, his friend stops things before weapons need to be drawn.

As they make their way through the gates out of The Commons, one of the guards recognizes Xanphia and lets them pass into the higher class district with ease. They party searches for a nearby tavern so that they can hail a cart. After a few tries, they are able to find a driver that Sug considers agreeable enough.

Having arrived back at Cassien’s home, the party is immediately taken by his butler Jeff to meet with Cassien. He is awoken by their arrival and meets them in his private lounge where he hugs his daughter in relief. Cassien takes everyone into his office to discuss what has happened.

During their meeting, Xanphia is very forthright with how she ended up in her predicament. She had taken up some side work in an effort to gain more power for the family. During this she found herself working for a cult who were trying to form a warlock pact. She had snuck around their hideout after finishing her work for them, hoping to figure out the ritual, and was caught and captured. The leader of the cult is a man named Molzen Cormrath.

Hearing the name Cormrath, Cassien snaps, slamming his hand on the table and going into a bought of rage.

“Do you know what it means that he has found you? That he is in this city? Do you know what you have done?!”

After taking a minute to regain his composure, though still tense, Cassien decides to let everyone in on a little bit of his family history. His people, the Drow, are still uncommon on the surface. Leaving the Drow homeland to live life on the surface is largely considered an insult to their entire culture. In the Drow homeland, the Nailo family was important. Cassien was a member of their ruling council. Another family with someone on the council was the Cormrath family. Xanphai’s mother had died during an attack from creatures native to the Underdark and Cassien left everything behind, abandoning his seat on the council. Learning so much about her family history that was unknown to her was too much for Xanphia who storms out once Cassien is done speaking.

With Xanphia leaving, Cassien decides to move on to some unfortunate business he has with the party now that they have returned. Though Cassien is beyond thankful for what the party has just done for him, the investigation around the noble’s death at Ezerai’s Gala has brought him unwanted attention. He informs the party that although he does not wish to cut ties with them, he can no longer have them staying in his home. If it were anyone else, he would probably have them killed off or turn them in himself, but they have proven themselves useful and done something he cannot repay, so he instead offers to send them anywhere they would like on Syvahl.

Most of the party has no real ties to anything. Sug had spent his life as a slave and has nothing. Las is a street urchin who has spent years of her life living in the moment. Willow is a drifter, traveling from place to place in search of magic. Chalul is the only person with any ties outside of the city and suggests the group move to Khaerinthia, closer to his clan. Everyone decides to go with Chalul and it is agreed upon to travel to the city of Rhodes, far to the north east.

With all of the problems the party seems to be seeing between Cassien and other elf families, the party decides to question why he doesn’t seem to do well with other elves. Cassien doesn’t actually have any problems with other elves and these have all been happenstance lately. He thought any issue with the Cormrath family was left behind decades ago. When it comes to Ezerai’s family, he just wants to gain control of the Emeria Estate for himself as his next move up in the world.

Needing to get things in order for them to leave, Cassien begins ushering the party out of the door. He lets them know that they will be staying at The Bannered Mare and they should prepare to leave before morning. On their way out, Willow reiterates that she wants magic stuff, Chalul warns Cassien to steer his daughter away from the path of the warlock, and Sug hangfs back a little bit to privately inform Cassien that Molzen knew exactly why Xanphia was and who she is tied to.

The party heads to their room to begin packing all of their belongings. Willow decides that before traveling again, she would like to take a shower. However, once she enters the wash room, she notices that someone appears to be hiding inside of the shower next to hers. No one answers when she calls, but she can hear the sniffling and stealthily tries to figure out who it is. With a swish of her tail, she sees Xanphia, fully clothed, sitting at the bottom of the shower. After hurrying to get clean, she goes to Xanphia and tries to comfort her.

Xanphia is pretty shaken up by the information overload that she had just gotten. She tells Willow that she learned more about her family history in the brief conversation than she had in her entire life. She knew her mother wasn’t around, but she didn’t know that she had been killed while living in the Drow homeland. She didn’t know she was actually born in the Drow homeland and not on the surface. She had no idea that her father had been such an important man. Maybe if she had known about any of that,s he wouldn’t have taken so many risks.

Not one to let a tender moment go by untainted, Sug barges into the washroom, fully naked and terribly singing a horrible bar song. Willow and Xanphia get up to leave and Willow lets her know that the party is being sent away. Xanphia is upset that her father seems to be getting rid of them, but understands that they have brought on extra risk by being around since the murder. However, as they make to leave, Sug decides to antagonize Willow and Xanphia. Chalul enters the wash room now, curious about the room meant entirely for getting soaking wet, only to see Sug getting ready to towel whip Willow and her and Xanphia prepare to take him on. Chalul rushes around turning on all of the faucets.

Meanwhile, back at the room, Victor, the halfling owner of The Bannered Mare, taps on the door looking for the party. Las is startled and confused by the man looking for them as he informs her it is time to go and asks where the others are. As she tells him they have all gone to wash up, Sug comes back, naked as ever, and is told to get dressed and that it is time to go. Victor then makes his way to the washroom to find the rest of the party and tell them they need to finish up and get ready to go.

Everyone finishes packing their bags and begins following Victor, with the exception of Willow, who carves her name in the rafters before leaving. Victor leads them through the house to it’s entrance to an underground passage and leads them briefly underground to The Bannered Mare, his Inn. Once inside the Inn, Victor takes them to a second floor room, tucked as far out of the way as possible so that they won’t be disturbed or noticed. He tells them that they absolutely must not draw any attention to themselves before leaving them to sleep until night when they will begin their escape from the city.

And this is where things left off during our last arc of the Mieveht Story. Making it this far, you should now know all of the important parts of the story to jump right in with our next episode and the new arc: Adventures in Erylia’s Mieveht Story - Arc 2 - Escape from Mieveht. …by the way, I have no idea what this campaign will be called with the party leaving Mieveht…