Behind the Screen - Apple Changes - Upcoming Arc - Patreon - Discord

Hello Adventurers!

I’ve got a pretty brief Behind the Screen update for you today. My main reasoning for this is some of you may have noticed some changes to how our show is displayed after tonight. Apple sent out an email to all podcasters yesterday essentially telling us we needed to remove episode numbers from our episode titles or risk being removed from their catalog. I have now gone through and removed all episode numbers in the episode titles for our show as well as made some minor name changes to things that were simply numbered before hand. I also noticed I had some things set wrong on a few bonus episodes that I have hopefully fixed. If things look wrong or you have run into an issue after this change, please let me know at

Since I’m already here, I suppose I should give some other updates to things going on behind the screen. Right now we are in the final prep stages for the next arc of the Mieveht Story. In fact, we have multiple sessions already recorded and I just need to sit down and bust out some editing on them. I am currently working on writing the script that will be recorded and released as a recap of the previous arc of the Mieveht Story. My goal is to get that finished up and released over the weekend. Once that is done, I have already set to work on editing the first full episode of the new story arc and have about 1 hour of edited audio done. This session was actually recorded live for the Extra Life Game Day and was a first attempt at us live streaming a session. All of our Patrons got access to that raw, unedited, recording last month while things were in a lul.

Speaking of Patreon, we DO have a Patreon and if you like what we do and what to support the show, you will gain access to all of our bonus content for only $1 a month. Patrons get access to outtakes from our episodes, pre and post game behind the scene discussions, as well as an entire story arc that didn’t meet our quality goals. I have also been working on a map of the land of Syvahl using Wonder Draft that patrons are getting semi-weekly updates to, including high res, 4k downloads. If you REALLY like what we are doing, you can go up to $5 a month to have your name added to the list of supporters at the beginning of our episodes.

Thanks to our lovely supporters, we are also about to start the process for our first commission. Commissioning art is not cheap and is not something we could have justified without the help of our patrons support. Thank you Fredonfyre, Chaiikaii, EvoraDawn, Gabe and Jeff from Inter-Party Conflict, Zach B, Caitlin R, Chris S, Jamie B for your continued support.

One last thing before I wrap this up. If you’d like to come talk to us and hang out, we have an open Discord server that the entire cast is active in. You do not need to be a patron to join us. You can come chat about the show, about gaming, or about life in general. Feel free to jump in if you see us hanging out in an open voice channel too!