Podcast Pitch Roundup - Live from PodCon 2

Caitlin and Damian attended PodCon 2 in Seattle this past weekend. While on the exhibition floor during day two, we went around to a couple various tables to get some elevator pitches for their shows. Listen to what each show had to say about themselves and see if one of them interests you!

Everything Economics - Social issues from an economic standpoint as well as economics in super hero and fantasy media.

Comedy Zeitgeist - Talking to comedians about comedians.

Everyone is Jonas - Competitive role-playing podcast live streamed on Twitch based on the Everyone is John role-playing game.

DMs of Vancouver - Interviews with DMs about their games and how they are run.

Rolling Misadventures - Short form improvised role-playing podcasts with a focus on collaborative story over game mechanics. Jump in wherever with 2 episode story arcs.

Oh No, Lit Class - Funny, foul mouthed spark notes with a little bit of everything.

Sometimes Geek - Short form video games news and review to give you more time to game.

Thank you to all of these shows who let us shove a microphone in their face and network. We hope to do many many more next year!


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