Episode Delay, Sharper Editing, Short Stories, and the GCP Meet Up - Behind the Screen

Hello Adventurers!

This episode comes out to you with some unfortunate news. I had a personal emergency come up over the weekend and was unable to finish editing this weeks episode. I still wanted to get something in the feed for you guys, so I talk a little bit about the new editing techinique I am using on this next episode. It is something that I have decided to pick up after talking with Dave, who is the DM and editor for anotehr actual play podcast, Four Orbs. I also decided to take this opportunity to tease the next Erylian Short Story, which will be titled Timeless Love in the Halls of Iron. It will be another story similar to Cassien's Dishonor, which gave some insight into the earlier life of Cassien Nailo from the Mieveht Story. This next story will tie in a lot of plot elements that the adventuring party from the guild has decided to take. Our last bit of news for this week is that the entire Adventures in Erylia family attended the Glass Cannon Podcast meet up this weekend. We had an amazing time and met some absolutely great people and cannot wait to be able to host a meet up of our own.