Through The City We Go - Mieveht Story Ep 9


Our adventurers make their way back through the under city, sure that they have no loose ends left to tie up. After a brief altercation in The Commons, they make their way back into Cyrin to find transport back to Thelnea. Though there is some debate over payment to easily return home. With Xanphia back safe in The Den, the group settles in for a meeting with Cassien.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Sug

Christa - Willow

Chantalle - Chalul

Caitlin - Lassair

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The Path of the Goblin King - Incompetech (Intro)

Impending Boom - Incompetech (1:33)

Syrinscape - (3:55)

Ossuary 7 – Resolve - Incompetech (6:04)

Syrinscape - (10:08)

A Cold Presence - Adrian von Ziegler (14:59)

Syrinscape - (16:47)

Galdrar - Adrian von Ziegler (19:39)

Catacombs - Tabletop Audio (22:26)

Constance - Incompetech (28:11)

Blood Eagle - SerpentSound Studios (29:41)

The Hunted - Jamie Brace (32:01)

Stormfront - Incompetech (34:55)

Catacombs (cont.) - Tabletop Audio (36:42)

Syrinscape - (40:40)

In the Shadows - Tabletop Audio (43:21)

Dawn - SerpentSound Studios (45:24)

Abandoned Fair - Tabletop Audio (47:42)

Ghostpocalypse – 8 Epilog - Incompetech (51:03)

Abandoned Fair (cont.)

What Lies Beyond - Vindsvept (58:57)

Overland with Oxen - Tabletop Audio (59:13)

Resolution - SerpentSound Studios (1:07:56)

Last Stand - Vindsvept (Outro)