A New Adventure Begins - Erylian Epic Ep 1


Rem goes to sleep, while the girls go out for drinks. Nyxi spins an amazing tale of the groups adventure thus far. Meanwhile, Rem tosses and turns in his bed, having nightmares of the people who have died around him. After everyone rouses from their sleep, gets together, and bathes, Ariel’s complaints of itching lead the group to discovering her fleas. Kenina manages to not catch them herself while investigating, but Rem cure’s her. With this taken care of, everyone decides to go shopping to prepare for their journey. After restocking on health potions and Ariel buying a staff, Kenina sells a spear to the local blacksmith – The Great Kobold Spear, Slayer of Men. Ariel buys herself a new cloak, then her and Kenina meet with Mistress Gallanodel to help her out with her arcane focus. Rem gets his bags packed and ready for the journey and waits in the guild hall’s common area, waiting for everyone. Meanwhile, Nyxi sits down to write a letter. Once everyone finishes their individual business, the group meets up again to speak to the guild masters.

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Damian - The DM

Chris - Rem

Christa - Ariel

Chantalle - Kenina

Caitlin - Nyxi

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Fimbulwinter - Vindsvept (Intro)

Fare Thee Well - Adrian von Ziegler (5:35)

Victorian London - Tabletop Audio (7:14)

Riverbard Tavern - Derek & Brandon Fietcher (10:29)

Syrinscape - (13:50)

Galway - Incompetech (19:29)

Syrinscape - (23:19)

Quest’s End - Vindsvept (23:31)

The Candle Burns Down… - Adrian von Ziegler (25:45)

Tainted Heart - Adrian von Ziegler (27:02)

The Candle Burns Down… (cont.) - Adrian von Ziegler (28:12)

Medieval Library - Tabletop Audio (32:00)

Nomadic Sunset - SerpentSound Studios (33:20)

Medieval Town - Tabletop Audio (36:05)

Medieval Library (cont.) - Tabletop Audio (36:40)

Syrinscape - (39:40)

Bloo ok Dyro - Adrian von Ziegler (42:28)

Bittersweet - Incompetech (43:45)

Syrinscape - (46:41)

The Medieval Realm - Derek & Brandon Fietcher (1:03:48)

Magic Forest - Incompetech (1:06:15)

Medieval Library (cont.) - Tabletop Audio (1:10:24)

Medieval Town - Tabletop Audio (1:22:45)

Forester’s Hut - Derek & Brandon Fietcher (1:23:54)

Medieval Town (cont.) - Tabletop Audio (1:27:05)

Blacksmith’s Shoppe - Tabletop Audio (1:30:31)

Plaint - Incompetech (1:39:40)

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Medieval Library (cont.) - Tabletop Audio (2:02:04)

Syrinscape - (2:04:00)

Lost Time - Incompetech (2:06:42)

Last Acts Prelude - Adrian von Ziegler (2:10:09)

Last Stand - Vindsvept (Outro)