An Old Friend We Just Met – Mieveht Story Ep 2


The group seeks out an acquaintance from Lord Ezerai’s Gala, Brit Dundragon, who works for “The Baron”. After wrapping up their bit of shopping, they group up again and set off to find The Baron’s Estate. They meet up with Brit, who takes them out to a local tavern where he is a bit of a regular. Over lunch, the group questions Brit on what he knows about the city under the city.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Sug

Christa - Willow

Chantalle - Chalul

Caitlin - Lassair

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The Path of the Goblin King - Incompetech (Intro)

Chasing Shadows - Vinsvept (1:05)

Diverging Realms - Vinsvept (1:53)

Division - Incompetech (6:28)

Blacksmith Shoppe - Tabletop Audio (6:43)

Shattered Sun - Vindsvept (12:55)

Mirage - Incompetech (16:56)

Darkling - Incompetech (18:16)

Rain - Vindsvept (19:24)

Storm - Vindsvept (23:40)

Wherever the Path May Lead - Vindsvept (33:59)

End of the Era - Incompetech (35:58)

RavenPuff Common - Tabletop Audio (37:07)

Hiding in Solitude - Vindsvept (43:22)

Professor and the Plant - Incompetech (50:17)

Last Stand - Vindsvept (Outro)