A Game of Cat and… Lizard – Mieveht Story Ep 1


We rejoin the group with a debrief with Lord Cassien. He once again asks for the parties help in finding his missing daughter, Xanphia. The party agrees that they owe it to both Xanphia and Cassien to find her after they had saved the group just a few days ago.

The party decides to consult a man they had met at Lord Ezerai’s Gala the day previous, Brit. The group briefly breaks apart to gather some things that they feel will be necessary on their new mission. Unfortunately, Willow finds herself in an interesting situation with Chalul.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Sug

Christa - Willow

Chantalle - Chalul

Caitlin - Lassair

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The Path of the Goblin King - Incompetech (Intro)

The Fae - Vindsvept (1:42)

Ascending the Vale - Incompetech (13:10)

On The Twilight Strand - Vindsvept (18:17)

Anguish - Incompetech (24:45)

Soaring - Incompetech (35:06)

Hearthfire - Vindsvept (47:27)

Galway - Incompetech (55:55)

Medieval Town - Tabletop Audio (57:21)

Alchemist’s Lab - Tabletop Audio (58:40)

Silver Flame - Incompetech (58:40)

Chase - Incompetech (1:06:39)

Last Stand - Vindsvept (Outro)