Following the Tail into the Sewers – Mieveht Story Ep 4


The group enters The Rat’s Tail, a small bar, ran by an interesting tabaxi by the name oif Shifty. It’s small and the food and drink aren’t great, but it has a private room that the group can make a plan in. Not one to be kept waiting, Sug cuts the meeting short and the group makes their way into the sewers. There, they find a small village, hidden beneath the roads above.


Damian - The DM

Chris - Sug

Christa - Willow

Chantalle - Chalul

Caitlin - Lassair


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The Path of the Goblin King - Incompetech (Intro)

The Slaughtered Ox - Tabletop Audio (2:20)

Never to Return - Vindsvept (6:20)

Satiate – Strings - Incompetech (12:30)

Fiddles McGinty - Incompetech (18:35)

Chasing Shadows - Vindsvept (26:00)

Lord of the Land - Incompetech (30:15)

Forsaken - Vindsvept (38:45)

Sewers - Tabletop Audio (39:30)

Urban Gauntlet - Incompetech (49:15)

Wanderer - Vindsvept (49:50)

Last Stand - Vindsvept (Outro)