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These podcasts are similar to ours. They are all shows that tell a continuous story led by some form of game master with input from the players and influenced by dice. Because it is our main genre, most of these other podcasts take place in a fantasy setting, however not all of them use Dungeons and Dragons as a rule-set, and there are even other genres, like Sci-Fi

Type - Actual Play

System - Dungeons and Dragons (5e)

Campaign - Homebrew (Aesis)

Release - Bi-Weekly

Runtime - About an hour

Summary - Four Orbs is a great podcast ran by a great guy who I have had the pleasure of talking to extensively about podcasting, running a campaign, and building a world. Aesis, the world that the campaign for Four Orbs takes place in, is something the DM has been working on and building for many years. This world features some of the most unique and different creatures and enemies I have seen since I started listening to actual play podcasts, there are so many creatures that the players encounter that I don’t recognize from the monster manual. Whether Dave is just re-flavoring stat blocks from the book or creating these creatures from scratch, I very much admire his creativity and dedication to the craft. Dave also creates the music that they use in their show and is also responsible for creating the music that was used in our own podcasts promo.

The story that Four Orbs tells has everything you could want from listening to a story told through the lens of an RPG. The players have mostly been focused on one continent so far, but they have traveled all over it, seeing many different locations and experiencing a few cultures, including Bullywugs. The group has a great chemistry, filled with humor mostly led on by their bard. They spend time going through dungeons, solving mysteries, visiting the big city, and exploring a new and lost land. They have also made it easy to catch up to the story if you aren’t ready or able to commit to a long story arc.

Recommended By - Damian, Caitlin

Type - Actual Play

System - Pathfinder

Campaign - Giant Slayer Adventure Path

Release - Weekly

Runtime - About an hour

Summary - The Glass Cannon Podcast is a Pathfinder based actual play, that is running the adventure path, Giant Slayer. They are now the official Pathfinder Podcast, recognized by Paizo, Inc. These guys are truly building themselves up to be one of the most successful actual play podcasts out there, and they deserve it. They are now doing multiple shows, which include two weekly actual plays and extra bonus content for their patrons. The Glass Cannon is a crew that is going the distance, able to secure great guest interviews and hosting multiple live shows and fan meet ups. We have had the pleasure of meeting up with them for their first two years at Paizocon in Seattle and would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area or able to be in the area..

The show that these guys are creating with Giant Slayer is top notch. Their audio is amazing and they do a great job of running Syrinscape while they play to set the mood not only for them, but for us as listeners as well. They have great chemistry together that comes from years as friends playing games together and the shows that they create make it easy to feel like you are just another person at the table with them. Even if you are familiar with the story of the Giant Slayer adventure path, it is worth checking out this show not only to experience some top notch roleplay, but Troy has done a lot to add to the story outside of what is written in the books.

Recommended By - Damian, Caitlin, Chris

Type - Actual Play

System - Dungeons and Dragons (5e)

Campaign - Homebrew (Homebrew city of Sanctuary within the Forgotten Realms)

Release - Weekly

Runtime - Usually under an hour

Summary - Ballad of the Seven Dice has got to have one of the most interesting openings and premises I have heard from a D&D campaign so far. The story kicks off with individual player introduction episodes for each of the characters, and each one comes from their own, unique plane of existence. One of the biggest stand outs to me, due to this being a D&D campaign, is that the bard is actually from a plane set in a most post-future or somewhat cyberpunk setting. The story itself is set in the Forgotten Realms, which is the main cannon setting for 5th Edition, though the main focus of the story is on the homebrew city of Sanctuary.

This is a show with a very different story and may be better suited for an older audience. There is a bit of a horror lean to it and some of the events and effects used are not for those who are grossed out easily. The characters find themselves all pulled from their own home planes into the Forgotten Realms and must work together to fight against a powerful, seemingly extraplanar being. The characters are not alone however, there are many groups who, like them, have been pulled together to work as a group and fight back against this consuming evil. At the time of writing this, the group is fairly new to the city of Sanctuary, where all of these groups are working from, so they haven’t been able to interact with the predecessors much, but I have a feeling this story is going to unfold into quite the tale.


Recommended By - Damian, Christa

Type - Actual Play

System - Edge of the Empire (Fantasy Flight Games)

Campaign - Homebrew (Show starts shortly before The Clone Wars)

Release - Bi-Weekly

Runtime - About an hour

Summary - Redemption takes you away from the usual fantasy stories that we recommend and into space in the Star Wars universe. The story that Redemption tells starts a little bit before The Clone Wars in the canon of the universe with the crew of the Krallet’s Fang, an heirloom ship to one of the players. The crew find themselves getting wrapped up in the early events of The Clone Wars, possibly getting themselves far more wrapped up into an intergalactic conflict many of them would rather avoid. The are so many reasons I have come to love this show, the biggest of which is it’s focus on a much smaller scale than what we are used to with Star Wars from the movies. Even though the crew finds themselves adjacent to the events of The Clone Wars, they have yet to become large players in that massive war and story and remain mostly on the outskirts, occasionally brushing up against the major plot. Going along with the feel of the story, the players knowledge, as well as some of the effects used, make this story feel right at home in the Star Wars universe.

The Edge of the Empire system that Redemption uses is a very interesting and different system if you are used to D20 based systems such as D&D and Pathfinder. The players roll various different colored dice granted to them by their skill level, versus a number of dice for the difficulty of the check. Instead of trying to get over or under a certain number like D20 systems use, the dice are broken up into success/failure and advantage/threats and are added against each other when rolled. The system is much more focused on improv story telling than relying on strict rules to determine the flow of the game.

Recommended By - Damian

Type - Actual Play

System - Dungeons and Dragons (4e for the first 200 episodes, then 5e)

Campaign - Homebrew (Theria)

Release - Weekly

Runtime - ~90-150 Minutes

Summary - Dungeons and Randomness is the largest and most connected actual play “network” that I know of. I call them a network, because even though it is all the same dungeon master, set in the same world, all within the same timeline, D&R has a cast of nearly 20 players split across 3 different groups. The work that Jason does to keep everything organized and keep the timeline and story consistent across all of these groups is amazing.

Dungeons and Randomness is now on it’s second arc. The first arc was played using the 4th edition ruleset and lasted for their first 200 episodes before ending in an exciting and epic conclusion. If 200 episodes is a bit too much of a commitment to start out, they have a recap episode that goes over the major events that occurred, or you can jump right into their second arc. For Arc 2, the group has moved over to the 5th edition ruleset and jumped forward in time a little bit where some players reprise their original characters, while other decide to bring in a new character for the story.

Jason and all of D&R is a huge inspiration for me and the world of Erylia. It was while listening to D&R that I decided to begin work on my own world and take on the mantle of Dungeon Master. How much I enjoy listening to the show and craving more of the story is also what had given me the idea to turn my gaming session into a podcast for all of you to listen to.

Recommended By - Damian, Caitlin, Christa

Type - Actual Play

System - Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Campaign - Forgotten Realms - Chult - 5 years before Tomb of Annihilation

Release - Full Chapter with breaks in between

Runtime - 45-60 Minutes

Summary - Dice Tribe is a family-friendly exciting adventure that takes place in an area of the Forgotten Realms called Chult. There you will find dangerous jungles, islands, volcanoes, rugged peaks, and even dinosaurs! It’s like one of those movies you can watch over and’s so fun!!!

The first 2 episodes let you get to know the 5 characters and what they are up to when the story begins. I’d like to tell you about each of them. But they are so unique, exciting, mysterious, and exotic that I want to keep it as a treasure for you to discover yourself.  I seriously can’t get enough of this podcast. I could totally see it as a fun animated series or even comic book. The story and character development is just truly that amazing.

I actually stumbled across Dice Tribe because they are part of the Encounter Roleplay umbrella of D&D audio dramas. What I just love about Dice Tribe is that they have incredible creative role playing skills, to help tell the story and develop their characters, but being able to  hear their dice rolls really make me feel like I’m at the table with them during each episode.

Most of the players have played the game for quite awhile and really bring the story to life with their animated voices and colorful acting skills. The DM, Mark Slack, has been playing D&D since he was a kid and just really knows how to tell a story and help his players shine. The podcast itself is just wonderfully produced.

Recommended By - Christa

Lawful Stupid

 Type - Actual Play

System - Dungeons and Dragons (5e)

Campagin - Homebrew (Goarahn)

Release - Weekly

Runtime - Usually an hour

Summary - Lawful Stupid is a podcast featuring four friends, 3 players with one dungeon master, who play a game with a great balance of humor and seriousness. Though the show started with humble beginnings and a small scale campaign, the 3 players find themselves leaving their small village and heading to the big city. As time has gone on, the events that these characters have found themselves tied to have only grown in size, nearing conflicts that could alter the course of the entire world. You can tell these guys have a great time playing and are eager to play more. Though in the beginning I thought this was going to be a more comedic take on a D&D game, things have shifted to a more serious and epic plot. However, the jokes made in the beginning do still come up and the boys know how to lighten the mood with a well timed quip.

Type - Actual Play

System - Starfinder

Campaign - Dead Suns Adventure Path

Release - Weekly

Runtime - About an hour

Summary - Androids & Aliens is the second flagship podcast brought to us by the Glass Cannon Network. Like their Pathfinder counterpart, The Glass Cannon Podcast, Androids & Aliens is following an adventure path, Dead Suns, which is the first adventure path released for the Starfinder system. This show brings us the same cast and crew that plays on The Glass Cannon Podcast, with an additional player, Elli. As the name may imply, Androids & Aliens is not set in our usual medieval fantasy worlds, instead the Starfinder system is set far into the future and is much more a Science Fantasy story.

For the story and gameplay of Androids and Aliens, we can take everything we know and love from The Glass Cannon Podcast and amplify it. The crew clearly put a lot of time into getting things ready to go before they ever started recording because once the mics we on, the story was on point and as amazing as we can expect from these guys and gal. Join the crew as they enter the ranks of the Starfinder Society and are immediately thrown into turmoil and sent on their first mission to investigate a rock to settle a dispute.

Recommended By - Damian, Caitlin


Godsfall is an interesting mix between an D&D 5th edition actual play and an audio drama. It is very highly produced and features a wide and diverse cast. There is one party that is the main focus of the story, but Aram, the DM, brings in other regular players to help tell the stories of other areas of the world. It helps keep the world alive and breathing while the main cast is in one area of the world. The game itself has some rather interesting twists from a tradition fantasy setting like D&D is normally played in. As Aram has described it, he has mixed in some super hero elements from the comic books he also loves. They still take on a magical spin, but some of the powers he has added to the game give it a very unique story flavor.


Inter-party Conflict is a roleplaying game themed question and answer podcast. They source questions from their community, then both of the co-hosts discuss it and try to come up with some sort of answer for it. They also do a segment called The Dragon’s Hoard where they share and discuss community submitted magical items. I actually started listening to these guys after connecting with one of the hosts on Reddit.


Fear the Boot has only just recently started doing an actual ply, which is on it’s own feed, but they are one of my longest listened to podcasts. They’ve been around almost since the beginning of podcast and have nearly 600 episodes in their feed! They are more of a talk radio type podcast, with a focus on tabletop and roleplaying games.

The Daily Tavern

Though the name might imply this is daily show, it is not. The Daily Tavern is a semi-weekly radio show set in the fictional Shatterpoint City. In each episode, Arthur, our radio host, broadcasts about news and various events going on within the city. I have no idea how Arthur manages to keep up with all of the stories and other news pieces for the goings on in the city, but he does. Every time that my handheld glowing rock lights up with a new broadcast from the tower, I know I am in for some entertainment, as well as the news.

Other Podcasts

Not everything we listen to is directly gaming related, but we want to be able to give a shout out to those podcasts as well. You may find something you like.


Better Podcasting is the first podcast I started listening to after starting Adventures in Erylia. Honestly, I wish I had known about them and started listening to them sooner. Listening to them, and talking with Stephen and Stargate Pioneer on Twitter and Reddit was a lot of the inspiration behind the decision to buy better gear and ultimately relaunch AinE.

Break Room at the Cineplex.jpg

Type - Improv Comedy

Format - Movie Review

Release - Weekly plus Bonus Bits

Runtime - Around 20 minutes

Summary - Break Room at the Cineplex is a show where 3 friends, Kyle Greg & Henry, gather each week to review and rate a movie. They also give us a peak into life in small town Timberdale including bizarre things like men living in the ceiling, a not-so-secret secret fight club, and a literary black market. An improv comedy show which exemplifies "yes, and..." In the most ridiculous way while managing to maintain underlying continuities from week to week. 

Recommended By - Caitlin


I’ve only just recently begun to listen to The Audacity to Podcast. I was drawn to it for a few reasons. First, I got caught up with Better Podcasting and wanted to continue expanding my knowledge of podcasting. Also, Daniel J Lewis goes over a lot of tips and tricks when it comes to using Audacity, which is the software that I use for editing. Lastly, Daniel is a very well known and well respected member of the podcasting community, and I recognized his name even before I started listening to his podcast.


Good Morning Theria is a spin-off show from Dungeons and Randomness. Jason and his co-host Bri talk about things that are going on in their lives, things that are going on in nerd culture, and read and respond to their listener emails.